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The Frames


The Frames is a Dubai based custom framing and artwork company that provides customers with high quality bespoke framing his solutions. Medialinks was commissioned by The Frames to develop a website to showcase their services and products in a visually appealing manner. The client’s main requirement was that the website should be media rich and have a photo gallery feel.


Frame had an existing website of his that did not meet his needs and was not performing well in terms of search engine ranking and user engagement. The website was visually unappealing and did not effectively showcase the company’s products and services. The client also faced challenges in managing and updating the website.


Our team worked closely with The Frames to develop a comprehensive solution to their website challenges. First, based on the client’s requirements, we have developed a website design that showcases products and services in a visually appealing way like a photo gallery.

A variety of media-rich elements, including high-definition images and videos, were used to create a visually appealing website showcasing The Frames products and services. We also made sure the website was mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines.


Our team started with developing a website design that aligned with the client’s branding and business goals. The website design incorporates a photo gallery-like feel with media-rich elements to showcase the client’s products and services.

The website is built on a responsive platform and optimized for fast loading times to provide a seamless user experience. We also made sure that the website is easy to manage and update by providing an easy-to-use content management system that allows clients to easily add and update content.


Frames’ new website design improved user interaction. The media-rich elements of the site created a visually stunning experience for users, leading to increased user engagement and longer site visits. Clients reported an increase in business inquiries and conversions.

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