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Project Objective: The main KPI given to us was to create a website which looks purely a Qatar made brand helping locals and tourists to have best excursions in the city. Also the website was briefed to be optimized to look flawless on all devices to make the online check out experience flawless.

About Experience Qatar:

Coming onto the wealthy country, Qatar, Experience.qa is a Qatar-based company that aims to provide locals and tourists with the best excursions in the city. They were able to do this during the 2022 FIFA World Cup as well. With more than 50 top-notch excursions on offer, the company’s goal is to help visitors explore Qatar like a true local. For this, the company needed to let people know about the services that they provide so that they could avail them.

The Problem

When Experience.qa approached Medialinks, their main objective was to create a website that truly represented the Qatar-made brand and provide a seamless online check-out experience for their customers. The company wanted to have a flawless website made before the start of the FIFA World Cup which led to many visitors visiting the country. It was important that users found it simple to use and locate anything that they were looking for. It was tough to do this during that time as there were many other companies trying to get tourists to choose them.

The Analysis and Solution

The Medialinks team understood the importance of this project and set to work creating a website that not only looked great but also provided a user-friendly experience. We were able to do this after working closely with the team at Experience.qa hearing out exactly what they were looking for. The website was designed with a clean and modern look that truly represented the Qatar-made brand. When people visit the website, they immediately know that the country it is concerned with is Qatar. The website was also optimized for search engines, making it easy for potential customers to find Experience.qa when searching for excursions in Qatar. Our team focused on making the page be noticeable to people.

How we did it?

One of the key challenges of this project was to ensure that the website looked flawless on all devices. The team at Medialinks used the latest web technologies to create a responsive design that adapts to any screen size, ensuring that the website looks great on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We knew that many people use mobile devices and so were focusing on creating a responsive website that would be perfect to use on a mobile device. The online check-out experience was also made as seamless as possible, with a simple and intuitive process that makes it easy for customers to book their excursions. Sometimes when customers find this tough to do, they may end up leaving the website and choosing another company.

Experience.qa’s customer service is one of the best in the business, and the team at Medialinks wanted to make sure that this was reflected on the website. We wanted people to know what the company stands for and that it aims to provide people with a good experience. The website includes a dedicated customer service section that provides detailed information on the company’s customer service policies and procedures, making it easy for customers to get in touch with the company if they have any questions or concerns. If this was tough to do by them they would see the company in a negative way and not choose them.


Overall, Medialinks is proud to have partnered with Experience.qa to deliver a website that truly represents the brand and provides a seamless online check-out experience for customers. They were able to get people to notice their company and some even actually choose them for their services. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the client was able to accept more than 10,000 bookings from the website,  without any major technical glitch.

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