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Digital Marketing

Digital Campaigns That Convert

So, you go on Facebook and see ads on your newsfeed, or you are wondering what the brands you follow on LinkedIn or Instagram will release next; the ads, the posts, the products, the branding behind everything are all part of digital campaigns. And with technology all around us, we get to see several campaigns daily.

Digital campaigns are online marketing tactics that businesses use to increase brand engagements and conversions, translating to a rise in revenue. Additionally, digital campaigns are properly coordinated actions to meet a company’s business objectives and goals of successfully guiding a customer along the customer journey from a prospect to a paying customer. 

A digital campaign involves merging the organization’s goals and several digital marketing channels to increase brand awareness and improve investment return.

Did You Know?

That one of the top 10 reasons people are on social media is because they want to buy products advertised. One survey showed that people spend around 37% of their time on social media interacting with branded content.

Also, 47% of Gen X and millennials don’t watch traditional TV anymore. With 22 million people canceling their cable by the end of 2018. However, according to Lyfe marketing, 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook, and most of them are from businesses.

Ultimately, these numbers are too big to be ignored. You need to invest in digital campaigns to help you chart the course you will follow to dominate your niche. We at Medialinks are here to help you achieve your digital campaign objectives.

How Can Medialink Help With Your Digital Campaigns?

It is not easy to plan and execute a successful digital campaign. We understand this, which is why we have the finest crop of highly skilled professionals trained to take your business like theirs. Our professionals will help you build and run a successful campaign that will yield a huge ROI.

Medialink Will Help With The Planning, Development, And Management Of Your Digital Campaigns

Three major stages make an executed digital campaign to be successful, and they are


Our digital marketing experts will know more about your brand via consultations and then help with outlining your customized digital marketing campaigns' goals. We will also research your target audience and make decisions drawn from data insights on how the best manner and duration to run your campaign. At Medialink, we got you covered!

Development & Execution

This stage involves mapping out a strategy based on our data insights, the content of the campaign, the targeted keywords for the campaigns, how best to reach the target audience, and the seamless and consistent ways to integrate the campaigns with all channels, including social media and traditional advertising. Don't worry; we will work around your budget to ensure you get maximum value for your money.

Management & Reporting

Using analytics, our professionals will measure your digital campaigns' success and tweak them accordingly. To ensure we keep your revenues coming flowing in like a river that never runs dry! Leading digital marketing company in dubai, Medialinks is here to help you rake in the ROI's with our tailored digital campaigns.