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Assist your clients 365 days a year with our Chatbot solutions

Business is designed to run smoothly to serve your customers/clients, but in the real sense, it can never be a hundred percent efficient. Your customers will always have complaints about your service, which you must provide a solution for them.

Also, new customers will enquire about your services and would want a timely response; else you might lose them to your competitors. Oh no! We don’t want to see that happen to your business.


Research shows that responding to customers’ queries or inquiries will keep them with you. Of course, people love their needs to be met on time. No one has time to waste. 

Live Chat on your businesses website will enable you to interact with your customers in real time and with little to almost no effort!

Medialinks specializes in incorporating live chat functionalities to your company’s website.

Apart from offering custom made chatbots, we offer consultation, implementation and migration on other chat platforms such as Chatfuel, ManyChat, Intercom and more.


There are many proven benefits to have a live chat bot on your website such as

Real Time Engagement

Being able to chat in real time with your customers

Improved Conversion Rates

The average conversion rate increment achieved with chatbots lands between 10-100% depending on the industry.

Instant Answers

Customers simply do not like to wait for assistance — Chatbots are a smarter way to ensure that customers receive the instant response that they demand.

Lead Generation

By deploying chatbots, you can engage your customers with personalised messaging throughout their journey by guiding and recommending them in making quick decisions. Hence, increasing your lead generation efforts.

Bots Save Time & Money

Time is money in business. Chatbots empower your business and save time by providing the first level support that filters a customer request before it is directed to the team

Reduce Human Errors

Manual work has a risk of errors that can eventually create big problems. Accuracy is guaranteed with chatbots.


Automate responses according to your wants and needs

Build Trust

Real human support to get you greater value and stronger relationships based on trust.

Reduce Human Errors

Ensure greater user experience by engaging with your website visitors via Chat Outsource.

Automation in Business is the future - Chatbots are a crucial part of automation

There are more chatbot benefits and advantages than disadvantages. Chatbots are being used across businesses for customer service, sales, marketing and engagement. If you are looking to deploy a chatbot for your business. Connect with us today.
And with us managing your social media channels, you need to get ready to start taking and delivering your customers’ orders and be prepared for the increased influx of cash coming from sales.


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