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WhatsApp Bots API

Known to many, texting is the new and efficient form of communication. We find that texting and minimal calling methods are one of the most sought after forms of communication in the 21st century. For this very reason, applications such as WhatsApp are primarily used to communicate with family, friends and now a days even customers.

WhatsApp API has allowed for many businesses to communicate directly to customers either through Chatbot Integration or through connecting customers directly to a service member within your business.

The benefits of WhatsApp API are;

Firstly, the reason anyone goes into any business is to make sales. And social media will help create several avenues that will lead to increased sales for your business. Some of them are:

Enabling your business to communicate to customers on your websites in real time.
Information about your business and its services are ready to be communicated
WhatsApp is the a world leading communications application with over 1.5 billion users
Receive inquiries about your business even when you are not available
It allows you to automate responses, questions, and even perform bot-to-bot actions without having to alter your schedule or program for the day
YOU control what the WhatsApp chat bot communicates.

At Medialinks, as a part of improving your company’s digital marketing presence, having a WhatsApp API as your online digital communication channel will prove to be extremely beneficial to your company and if you’re interested, we’re here to help you find out just how!

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