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Influencer marketing


Medialinks develops and implements an international strategic business plan. We create the most suitable system for you according to your plans. This includes working with the most popular social media advertisers, bloggers, and content creators to attract viewers and actively engage them.

And that’s all we’re working on. From creating creative ideas and creating campaigns to ordering and interpreting the results, we’ve found this to be successful.

Influencer marketing agency in Dubai provide an important service to brands wanting to partner with influencers on Instagram. They assist brands through every stage of the influencer marketing process, including influencer discovery, influencer management, content creation, analyzing and reporting a campaign’s success.


Influencer marketing strategies

We develop fundamentally innovative marketing strategies with skills and long-term leadership.

Influencer discovery

There is a unique influencer for every brand, and we always know where and how to find them. We place you and your business in the company of strong people who you can leverage on for maximum success.

Content creation

We create original content that resonates with your target audience. It’s not advertising - it’s storytelling.

Data and Insights

How do we know that our performance is exceeding that of our competitors? Take the data from the first survey and combine it with the online surveys of major platforms to boost team intelligence. The magic happens here. What sets our data apart is their unmatched ability to think they'll fight you.

Media intervention

With an understanding of social media, we were able to develop a strategy that would be five times more successful. Not only do you want to improve your content, but you also want to grow your internet position in other to open more conversations with the audience and generate leads.

Plan your campaign strategy

We prepare a campaign strategy for your brand, considering your corporate identity and already applied strategies.

Influencer Marketing strategies

We help brands develop relevant, accurate, compliant, and profitable marketing solutions for entertaining and engaging their target audience. We develop strategic plans and strategies that will help customers increase their sales in the market.

Competitive analysis

To discover the best strategy for your influencer marketing campaign, we provide a personal assessment of your competition.

How to get started

Our team offers exclusive support for you throughout the process. To create a successful contest, we will follow the step-by-step instructions to help you define and thoroughly identify your target audience and their needs. Once we have identified your audience, we will determine who we will work with to achieve your goals.

Listen to social interactions

To better understand what customers are saying about your brand and your competition, we utilize social media analytics. By accessing data from several websites, we provide meaningful metrics.

Medialinks does not simply hire “social celebrities” to drive brand awareness. We use advanced influence marketing strategies to sell products, change buyer attitudes or purchase patterns, and move customers along the customer journey lifecycle.