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Brand Localization

Brand Localization Services In Dubai

You might have heard of brand localization Services In Dubai, and you are a bit confused about it.

This is expected as brand localization involves some big words like transliteration (the process of transcribing content to another alphabet) and transcreation (recreating an ad to fit a new audience).

However, it should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy if you intend to build a global brand.

In simple terms, brand localization means adapting your brand to a new market or audience. And it involves a series of strategies. A great example of a successful brand localization is the Coca-Cola share a coke campaign, where they knew to adapt it to the different countries, like in China, where first names were not used liberally, names were replaced with titles like “close friend” or “classmates.” And they also knew to adapt the names printed on the bottles to suit the names in those areas. For example, James and John may be familiar names in the US, but not in countries like Turkey or Dubai. So much thought and research go into a successful brand localization campaign. You can trust that we at Medialinks are up to the task. Our clients sing our praises.

Why Is Brand Localization So Crucial For Breaking Into The Global Market?

When it comes to global marketing, there’s no one size fits all approach. However, regardless of what niche you are in, you need localization to expand into international markets. Ideally, you can’t expect an ad campaign launched in the US to bring you similar Dubai success. The reason, being that cultures differ so much from one country to the other.

Also, according to a study by Sheffield Hallam University, it was found that only 6% of the world’s population speak English fluently. And out of the other 94 percent, 75% do not speak English, and the others speak at the basic level. With these figures, you will understand the need for localization to connect to a global audience.

Localization is so much more than translating your web copy. It is more about getting penetrating deeply into the brains of the audience you want to target in your new market. Additionally, it ensures that your brand identity remains consistent across the different markets you want to enter.

Brand localization also leads to business expansion

According to a survey by Common Sense Advisory, it was found that 84% of international customers preferred to purchase services and products from online sites that were written in their local language. So, you see that when you localize your site to your target audience, you greatly increase your ROI as the global market is worth billions.

At Medialink, we help our clients get into new markets

Want to make your brand relevant in a new market? Looking for branding services in Dubai? Medialinks’ is here to help you with that. Our professionals will analyze your brand’s aspects and find ways you can adjust to suit better any new market you want to break into.

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