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Abandoned Cart Management

Abandoned Cart management Services

We know how frustrating it feels when the customer begins the transaction online but give it away before the purchase is complete.

The customer feels like something got into the cart but never changed to complete the transaction.

Shopping cart abandonment is an important part of the online shopping process as customers pay for something.


Abandoned cart management services is basically a sub service within digital marketing, but at Medialinks, we serve this as our one of the major services.

If the buyer is not ready to buy or needs more information, there are options, and that’s why we are here to help you!


What We Do

User Journey

If a customer is on site at the checkout, they need little information or responsibility to complete the transaction.

Help Customers Find Products

Most buyers are not ready to buy yet. The research process will take a while, but the key is to provide the information your customers want and do your best to remember your website.

Call Back Feature

Another option, useful when a customer needs assistance, is to offer to call a customer who needs additional assistance.

Exit Popups

These small popups serve as a last resort when customers leave the park. Pop-ups can be installed on any page, including addresses and payment pages, and send important messages to customers.

Push Notifications

Effective use of push notifications can improve the customer experience. It is less involved than other forms of engagement and can effectively drive traffic and help users by providing useful information. Interested leads and prospects receive the latest updates, promotions, and offers. Today, customers seek culture at every stage of the consumer journey. The use of personal information, such as first name, last name, status, etc., helps to establish relationships with users and can lead to other customers.

Chat Bots & WhatsApp Business APIs Integration

Unlike a brick store, your staff may not be there to persuade the buyer to continue shopping, but there are other ways you can support them. A live chat service that provides full answers and answers to all questions and concerns can prevent customers from leaving their graphics in the dust. For example, if a customer purchases a reputable pair of shoes and doesn't have the type they're looking for, your shoe service may recommend another reputable brand for a lower price.

Email Notifications

One way is to send content or orders to customers so that they can come back to the site when they're ready. When the seller stops buying, that won't be the end of the story because, in the next part, you will find the best times to start the abandoned conversation. An email left on a cart or a message from a cart left on time, sent by a customer within an hour or two to make a purchase, can persuade them to come back and complete their order.

Cart View

The appearance of the cart avoids the famous quote, "out of sight is out of memory." Amazon always does this with the cart icon at the top right of the screen. A list of the quantity of items available and suitable for those who want to buy items later. The cart's presence reminds customers of the products they have in stock and sends them back to the website.

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