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5 Steps to Building a Cart Recovery Email Strategy

For most of the e-commerce business, shopping cart abandonment is the most common inescapable scenario. A study in 2018 stated that 75.52% of carts are abandoned every year which means that only 1 in every 4 customers complete their purchase. Despite this loss, most e-commerce marketers target those lost customers with just retargeting ads.

Although retargeting is an effective way to recover the lost customers, the most important strategy for shopping cart abandonment is to send cart recovery emails.

Medialinks, leading website development company in Dubai, serves cart abandonment as a major service in UAE. Cart abandonment emails has a high conversion rate because of which it needs to be personal and re-engage shoppers with a human touch.

These emails have a high open rate and click-through rate compared with promotional emails. But, most of the retailers do not have a properly crafted email strategy for cart recovery.

Here are the five best strategies for a successful cart recovery email program:

  • Divide and Conquer
    When subscribers receive personalized emails, they are more likely to take the desired action. Your cart recovery emails are no exception to this rule. Dividing is the key to cart abandoners lifecycle. The reason a first-time customer abandoning their cart may not be the same as the loyal customer abandoning the cart. And that reason can vary from site to site. By dividing your abandoners into different categories like first-time abandoners, repeat abandoners, and existing customers who abandon, you can send more relevant messages.


  • Craft a Unique Subject Line
    The first impression is always the best impression. So as here, the subject line needs to be perfect and catchy. If you like the subject line, and if you trust the sender, you will open it. If not, the chances are high that you won’t open it. When recipients read your subject lines, they should be reminded of what they left behind.


  • Don’t Be Fooled by Statistics
    Timing is everything when it comes to recovering your lost carts. According to statistics, 90% of your leads go to lost within an hour. But before blindly following the statistics do a research on what type of customers are your cart abandoners. For example, if someone has abandoned a smartphone in their cart, they might need more time to finalize their purchase. But the same rule doesn’t apply when a shopper has left a shirt in their cart.


  • Be Sure Your Emails Are Responsive
    You should create an email that includes rich product images, compelling copy, a good offer, and a good CTA and check if it is responsive across all devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones because this is going to increase your conversions.


  • Send a Series
    For boosting the conversions, you should always send 1 or 2 follow-up emails that can get the most out of your cart recovery campaigns. We recommend a series of 3 emails be sent at different time intervals. The first email, triggered within an hour, could be a gentle nudge reminding customers they’ve left something in their cart.

If the first email does not compel customers to complete the purchase, then a second email could be triggered with an aim to instigate urgency. And, for those customers who still don’t convert, a third and final email could be triggered to persuade them with a promo to complete their purchase.


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