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Medialinks Partners With Capassity

Medialinks, a digital agency in Dubai aims to make influence & ROI a more strategic and beneficial portion of brands’ marketing and communications efforts.

Medialinks, the Dubai based website development and digital marketing agency utilizes a host of award-winning technologies, including WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify, to provide performance enhancements for customers.

Besides deepening the services offering from the regular Digital advertising & eCommerce business lines, Medialinks includes a broader spread of stakes in other industries where their design, media, data and analytics expertise can be brought to bear.

Medialinks has recently partnered with Cappasity, a US based technology firm as their representative in the MENA region to help local businesses in the e-commerce space create & send 3D/VR/AR experiences to blur the line between online and in-store purchasing. 3D technology, when efficiently used on the internet,help brands to boost their conversion rates and significantly decrease the number of returns, letting customers make right choices and engage emotionally.

Their current portfolio comprises Samsonite, Ferrari, and a lot more internationally renowned brands.

Below is an example of how the technology works on an eCommerce website which is powered by Cappasity:

“VR is reshaping the future for ecommerce user experience. Cappasity is your first scalable and easy-to-adopt alternative for complicated e-commerce jobs that just takes 3 minutes/SKU to create a 3D and embed it into a shop. We are proud to be offering this service part of our portfolio to the local clients.”, said Zeeshan Sajid Amin.

In the GCC, mass net adoption has resulted from a combination of digital infrastructure and eager consumer adoption of technology-driven options. The digital transformation of this area’s retail sector will see eCommerce earnings jump to $48.6 billion in 2022, up from $26.9 billion in 2018, stated a recent research.

“The relationship is only going to strengthen as more Brands are thinking about exploring methods to assist users interact with their products on the internet the way they’d offline, with the added advantages of staying at home and carrying as much time to navigate as needed. With Medialinks — Cappasity Partnership, we’ve got no doubts that manufacturers will be able to achieve this”, added Zeeshan

“We are glad to see Medialinks join the list of our partners,” says Kosta Popov, CEO of Cappasity. “With our ability to anticipate change and innovation, we’ll bring great value to their clients.”

About Medialinks

The agency builds lasting significant digital products for customers, tailored to the business’ needs and requirements. Simply speaking, Medialinks succeeds in bringing clients or customers that are happy to make an electronic experience that excites and motivates its viewers.

They can be reached on [email protected]


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