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Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Websites are most essential components in any successful business. It encompasses everything a company provides and represents. In an age such as this, where everything and everyone seems to be found online, multi-million dollar companies and startup businesses need to ensure that their presence online is being felt by its customers. This is most often done by setting up a well-developed website.

A very obvious aspect about smaller businesses is that the general consumer is not aware of the services or products they provide. Website development in Dubai is an example of up and coming small businesses in the UAE and for a company that prioritizes its services to be completely digital, a website is imperative to showcase their services.  A website is the perfect method to create a company’s portfolio and also another means to advertising the company’s services. According to Eelko Huizingh and Janny Hoekstra, the functioning of websites are extremely similar to that of advertising in the classical media (Broadcasting and print media) in this sense, the website acts as one of many voices of any small, upcoming business.

In all honesty, a great small business website acts as the most ideal method to showcase your business’ venture. Your small business website is your most effective and cost-saving marketing tool. There are many reasons as to why your small business should have a website, here are a few;

  • Credibility
    A well-established website will definitely project an image of a professional company to whoever the website will come across. Credibility can be built on a website by adding Testimonials – this enables viewers to understand the services of the business through actual customers itself. This can be in the form of reviews or statements. For example you can have customers speaking about web design in UAE and how your business stands out in this market.
    Logos of companies you are affiliated with or clients – When businesses or customers identify brands you have worked with in the past, they automatically associate your company to be trustworthy.
    Links to social media profiles – Social media is a great way to keep In contact with your customers or clients. Showing them that you are active and well engaged once again portrays an image of trust worthiness.
    Updated layouts – professional websites with minimal grammatical errors show your viewers how serious, professional and committed you are as a business.
  • Increasing customer base
    Often a times, traditional and digital means of marketing can be time consuming and more often costly for small businesses who deal with a multitude of start-up costs. A website is available at any time of the day to your customers who can understand everything your business has to offer through a simple click of a button. In addition to this, websites help you reach consumers outside of your region and locally all at a minimal cost. Despite being in an age where social media is the aggregate dominator, a website is a traditional method that always proves to be bountiful.
  • Cost effective and Easy
    Nowadays, there are plenty of website building platforms that enable any layman to create a website with web publishing tools such as wix.com, squarespace.com, wordpress.com etc.In the past, the concept of creating a website used to be deemed as time consuming and expensive however it has now been made easier and more affordable than ever. Therefore, creating a website is most definitely worth the minimal investment.
  • Anchor for Marketing
    Your website will be the first touchpoint of your marketing efforts for your company and will be the location where customers or clients will be able to find all the information about your business. Your website will be primarily under your control therefore you get to choose what potential clients or customers read about what you do, who you are and how your business started. Your website will be your marketing voice.

In addition to this, your website will need to have all the important information in one place such as contact information, prices, service list, promotions, testimonials etc.

Finally, once your website encompasses everything your business stands for, add your websites URL to flyers, email and text marketing or any other forms of promotion so consumers will always have access to this information. Your website will be a representation to your brand.

Before finally setting up your website ensure your business values, brand image, logos, services and ultimate purpose are identified. Once any small business, for example, a web design company in Dubai, establishes and understands themselves individually, it will reflect on your website and so attract customers.


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