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How do website load speed effect the overall website?

In this digital age, we all find ourselves resorting to the internet for something or the other in our lives, most often, for work. Medialinks is a website development company in Dubai and we have first-hand understanding and experience of how important website loading speed is. Fast loading speed is such a crucial aspect in a time where we all rely on the internet to get our work done, or even for entertainment.

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to submit an important document to your boss before your deadline and having it all come to a halt because of slow internet speed. Similarly, customers or your potential clients rely on a fast an optimal website in order to navigate with ease but there are many other benefits of having a good load speed so how does a good load speed effect your overall website?

Good website speed can improve conversion rates

Throughout the years, multiple studies have pointed to the conclusion that site speed does affect conversion rates. Walmart found that improving page load time by one second had increased their conversion rate by 2%. Users are more likely to convert on faster sites and even stay longer in comparison to slower websites. It all boils down to how convenient a website is. At the end of the day, time is of the essence, everyone wants to make the most of it and having to wait around for a website to load really is not an option for many customers today.

Improved User Experience

Let’s face it, a slow website can lead to a frustrated user, a frustrated user, who was once a potential customer, will lose patience and close your website. Waiting for content to load can provoke many users to become restless and this therefore contribute to a bad user experience.


Did you know that your ranking on Google can also depend on your sites performance? Google will always recommend the fastest most relevant websites and site performance is a significantly important factor in Google search rankings.

Factors that affect speed:

Connection speed

An obvious answer to this question is your internet speed! Having a stable and fast internet connection will affect the speed at which any website will be able to run.

Server hosting

The website hosting company that you are using can also play a crucial part in how fast your speed is. Which server your website is placed on can also impact your website speed for its visitors. There need to be enough resources on the server in order to run at optimal speed for everyone. It all depends on the size of your websites, larger websites may need to rely on a virtual private server as they have more resources in comparison to smaller websites. When looking out for web hosting companies it is crucial to look out for companies that have an uptime rating of at least 99.5%, it all depends on how good your host server performance is, this will impact your websites performance.


Imagine if you were to carry around a bag filled with bricks, your speed would evidentially be slower as compared to walking around without a bag at all right? The same concept can be applied for a website. The more files you have, the higher the file size, the longer it takes for your page to load. Optimization of your website is important without risking the quality of your website. You can do this by shrinking images or code and optimizing the formats of your images to keep your files as light as possible.

Gone are the days where you will need to sit down and disconnect your telephone connection in order to connect to the internet (we’ve all been there). The expectancy of loading speed on websites have tripled over the last 10 years and I only suggest you do not get left behind.

It is important to understand where exactly your website lacks in order to fix it. Once you solve issues such as loading speed and improve the overall user experience on your website, you will begin to notice changes to your analytics score.
Your website will embody everything your company has to offer and as a website development company in Dubai, we can tell you how true this statement is.

By having a loading speed that is optimal and convenient, you will be minimizing your websites bounce rate, maximizing conversion rates and most importantly, improving your business’ brand image by giving a quality and speedy website. So what are you waiting for, put your best foot forward and take the step to improve your website and watch the magic follow.

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