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Performance Marketing

Mobile performance marketing allows marketers to achieve specific KPIs such as retention and lifetime value of a customer, by driving and measuring distinct types of actions.

There’s the obvious action: get audiences to download the brand app. Going one step further, tying mobile campaign performance to specific revenue-generating actions such as making a purchase, visiting a level or area within the app, redeeming a coupon, completing a form, or returning to the app within a given time span, are also possible. Advertisers only pay when a specified action is completed.

Difference between Mobile Performance Marketing and Digital Marketing

The difference between performance marketing and digital marketing comes from the approach. Digital marketing channels like paid search, social, and display ads are part of a successful performance marketing strategy — but traditional digital marketing often focuses on vanity metrics, like reach, impressions, or likes.


We are not advocating to replace brand advertising with mobile performance campaigns, but we are suggesting that for many brands there is room to consider both in the media mix. If your company has identified specific in-app mobile behaviors that equate to higher ROI for the brand, there’s a strong argument in favor of using performance marketing to achieve more of them.