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I just launched my brand and didn’t realize many things went into brand promotion. There are social media to be managed, blog posts to be written, effective networking to be done, and not to talk of taking and delivering orders.

Where will I fit business emails into? I am not good at copywriting; I don’t even know the right time to send cold emails. How do I use emails to guide prospective customers through my sales funnel to the stage where they make a purchase?

Dear business owner, do not worry about all these; Medialinks has got your back. Our team of efficient professionals was born for this to help you with all aspects of digital marketing — including creating email campaigns, nurturing your sales funnels, creating leads by sending carefully-crafted and customized business emails to your customers at every stage of their buyers’ journey.

2.5 billion people use email, and that is more than 34% of the world’s population. Also, the Ridicati group predicted in 2018 that the number of email users would increase to 2.8 billion users in the next two years. And from their survey, it is seen that 196 billion emails are sent daily worldwide. Out of these emails, 109 billion are business emails.

You can't overlook the importance of having a professional business email address.

In case that you have colleagues or employees, or in case that you at any point intend to recruit employees one day, having your own business email allows you to have a consistency while communicating with your business partners. Having professional business emails also helps build more trust with your existing and potential customers.
Free Advertising

Having Professional email is like having free advertising for your business. Your company name flashes every single time you send out an email.

Free AdvertisingMore Credibility & Trust

Having business email makes your existing and potential customers trust your business more. If you use a personal email address for business communications, clients can also confuse you with a part-timer or non-serious supplier.

No More Spamming!

Having a professional email address reduces the risk of being marked as spam when you send emails to your clients.

Interesting statistics! I am excited and want to increase my conversion rates and get a professional business email address; how do I go about this?

Congratulations, you are in the right place. Stay professional with [email protected]
We here to help. At Medialinks, we understand that emails play a significant role in our lives and business. We help you set up custom email addresses for your business. Unique and professional email addresses give your company the visibility and authenticity it deserves.

While on the surface you might appear to be saving money by using a free email address for your business, you’ll often find it’s costing you dearly in other ways like consumer confidence. With our business email services , your brand will be top of mind with your target audience, leading to increased conversions and ROI.