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PR Distribution

PR Distribution Services Dubai and Global Media Coverage

Our services aim to bring a range of benefits to your event, including raising awareness about it in both global and regional media, promoting new product launches, new branch openings, Important announcements, and Company Profile Videos with CEO interviews for Businesses.

For the Events & Exhibition Industry promote booth sales globally, drive registration and visitors at the event, and post-event coverage in global media on the event’s website and social media to create global appeal.


In addition, we are excited to offer our Medialinks Podcast Service, which allows you to record podcasts with CEOs and senior management of exhibitors about their experience at the event or Industry Podcast with Brand owners to promote the Industry or brand globally. Podcasts have become a global phenomenon for the past few years, and there are some proven reasons why they are so popular. They hit the target, with 45% of all podcast listeners earning over USD 75,000, and 16% of all listeners making over USD 150,000. They also capture attention, with 82% of podcast listeners have taken action based on the information they heard on a podcast.

Our Medialinks Podcast Service allows you to speak to an engaged audience. 93% of podcast listeners stay tuned for the entire episode, and podcast listeners are 11x more engaged than radio listeners, and 7x more likely to engage with a podcast than a Facebook or Google Ad. They also offer an opportunity to be where your customers and employees are, with 75% of podcasts being listened to outside the home and being a vital ‘no screen’ engagement tool proven to win your customers’ hearts and minds.

We are delighted to provide this service to your event with an exclusive Podcast Partnership for all the events you wish to partner with. Our team will choose the events from the list of events you provide, and you will provide a Majlis Branded as Medialinks Podcast Station with Event Branding. We will also share a calendly link for each event, which will be created as a banner on the event’s website to promote registration for the Podcast by the CEO. You will email all exhibitors to book the podcast recording slot at the event.

The best part is that you are not spending even a single cent on this. You can effortlessly stand out as a sought-after and respected thought leader in your market without painfully slaving away over LinkedIn posts, writing time-consuming blog articles, travelling to conferences, or facing the daunting prospect of writing a book. Sit back and enjoy the experience of your perfect customers and clients lining up to offer you their business and an end to awkward cold outreach, networking, and begging for referrals.

If you have any further queries or need any clarification, please do not hesitate to call or email me at your earliest convenience. We are excited to work with you and contribute to the success of your event.


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