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Customer Journey in Ecommerce Websites

Thinking Ecommerce is only about buying things online? No, it’s a new form of interacting with products and services. Online shoppers don’t just buy things, they look for experiences.

Such experiences include; convenience, information, helpful support, the ability to give direct feedback, ease of multichannel shopping, and so on. Best ecommerce website development companies in UAE have understood this path and adapted it in the most efficient way.

The customer journey is defined as the path, the order of experiences your customers get. You can either leave things to chances or design the customer journey in a way that’ll lead them to your desired outcomes. However, designing the customer journey is the most comprehensive optimization you can do.

To carefully manage the customer journey, you need to break it into manageable stages. The following are the customer journey stages:

Stage #1: Awareness

This is your brand’s first contact with your potential customer. In this stage, your potential customer will learn about your brand for the first time. This is where your outbound efforts come into play.

It can be through word of mouth, media coverage, organic search, inbound marketing, search ads, and social media pages.

At this stage, you need to answer questions, give information, gain their trust, and create interest.

Stage #2: Consideration

At this stage, the customer has a need and your product can be a potential solution. You might be selling shoes online and anybody who wants shoes will weigh your product against your competitors.

They might look at your social media pages, websites, and blog visits. Some can even check you up on review sites.

You need to win the customer’s favour and present your products as a solution at this stage.

Stage #3: Conversion

If you get the first two stages right, you’ll get the first order from the customer in the third stage. You need to make it easy for customers to choose the product they want and the mode of payment. The customer service should be top-notch and adequate information about fees, delivery, and returns should be provided.

The point of interaction will be your website, social media, telephone, and email. Your main aim is to provide timely information and get the order through.

Stage #4: Retention

That’s when you either keep or lose the customer. This is the time to nurture them and stay on top of their mind. You can do so many things at this stage. Educating customers on your blog can help to retain them too. Sending a regular newsletter to them is also another major way.

The objective at this stage is to engage customers, get feedback, and act on it, make relevant offers, and stimulate more purchases.

Stage #5: Advocacy

This is the last stage but not every brand will successfully get to this stage. The reason why most brand’s customer journey ends after a few purchases is that they fail at the fourth stage. If it’s executed perfectly, your engaged customers will become brand ambassadors.

Interactions will occur through social media, community, website, blog, referral program page, email, and chat service.

At this stage, you’ll involve the customer in product development. You should also have a reward for loyalty, get referrals, and use user-generated content.

All of the customer journey stages are interrelated. You need to be successful in the first stage to move to the other stages. If there’s an adjustment to be made, you can look at the current customer journey for loopholes.

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