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Brunch Therapy


Brunch Therapy is a newly opened epic pool-side brunch spot located in Dubai. As a digital marketing agency, we were approached by Brunch Therapy to create and manage their social media account for their brand as they had no social media presence and also get them reservations. Our goal was to increase brand awareness and attract more customers to book brunch reservations.

The Problem:

With no brand awareness and reservations, Brunch Therapy was missing out on potential customers who were actively looking for brunch spots and were not getting the reservations. The lack of online presence and right advertising made it difficult for the brand to connect with their target audience and build a customer base. Moreover, the brand needed more bookings to establish itself in the market.

The Solution:

We identified that the best solution for Brunch Therapy was to create social media accounts across various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. We also planned to create engaging and shareable content that would showcase the brand’s unique offerings and encourage customers to book brunch reservations. Also, we created Ad Campaigns on Social Media to get more reservations.

How we did it:

Research and Strategy:

We started by conducting thorough research on the brunches in Dubai. This helped us identify the target audience and create a social media strategy that would resonate with them. We also researched popular hashtags and trends to ensure that our content would reach a wider audience.

Content Creation:

Our team created high-quality visual content that showcased the unique offerings of Brunch Therapy. We created a content calendar and ensured that the content was in line with the brand’s values and goals. We also created engaging captions and used relevant hashtags to increase the reach of our content.

Community Management:

We managed Brunch Therapy’s social media accounts, responding to comments and direct messages promptly. We also engaged with the audience by asking for feedback, creating polls, and reposting user-generated content.

Influencer Marketing:

To increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience, we collaborated with relevant influencers in Dubai. We identified influencers who aligned with the brand’s values and goals and created a campaign that showcased Brunch Therapy’s unique offerings.

Social Media Advertising:

We created targeted social media advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to reach a wider audience and encourage more bookings. Our advertising campaigns targeted individuals who were interested in brunch, foodies, and those who were interested in pool-side events.


Our social media management services helped Brunch Therapy gain a strong online presence, attract a wider audience, and increase reservations. With our robust marketing strategy, engaging content, result oriented Ad Campaigns we were able to showcase the unique offerings of Brunch Therapy. Our social media advertising campaigns helped the brand gain more reservations and establish itself in the market.

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