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Al Rahala


Al Rahala oversees Sales and Marketing of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. tyre brands for the Middle East region. As their agency, we were tasked with managing their social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our primary goal was to increase the reach of their social media accounts.

The Problem:

When Al Rahala first approached us, they were not getting enough reach on their social media accounts. Despite having an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, their posts were not reaching a wide audience. They were not getting the engagement and response that they had hoped for. This was a problem for them because they needed to increase their brand awareness and attract more customers in the region.

The Solution:

To solve the problem, we decided to take a strategic approach. We created a plan that involved the following:

  • Reviewing and Updating Brand Guidelines: We reviewed Al Rahala’s existing brand guidelines and made some updates to ensure consistency across all social media channels. This helped us create graphics that were visually appealing and aligned with their brand message.
  • Developing a Content Strategy: We developed a content strategy that aligned with Al Rahala’s brand message and targeted their audience in the Middle East and Africa region. We created a mix of promotional and informative content to engage their audience.
  • Implementing a Hashtag Strategy: We implemented a hashtag strategy that helped increase the reach of Al Rahala’s social media accounts. We researched and identified relevant hashtags that would help their posts reach a wider audience.


How we did it:

To implement our plan, we first reviewed Al Rahala’s existing social media accounts to identify areas for improvement. We then created a detailed content calendar that included promotional and informative posts. We also created graphics creatives that followed the updated brand guidelines.

We implemented our hashtag strategy by including relevant hashtags in our posts. This helped increase the reach of our posts and attract new followers.

As a result of our efforts, Al Rahala’s social media accounts saw a significant increase in reach and engagement. Their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts all saw an increase in followers and engagement. Our efforts also helped increase brand awareness for Al Rahala’s tyre brands in the region.


In conclusion, Medialinks was able to help Al Rahala increase the reach of their social media accounts by implementing a strategic approach. By reviewing and updating their brand guidelines, developing a content strategy, implementing a hashtag strategy we were able to achieve our goals. Al Rahala saw a significant increase in their social media reach and engagement, which helped them increase brand awareness in the Middle East.

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