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LA Table Events

Project Type: Promoter Activation for LA Table Events Boxing Event


LA Table Events is a premier event management company based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that specializes in wedding celebrations, music festivals, and corporate events. The company offers a variety of high-quality services for a diverse range of events.


LA Table Events hosted a boxing event at the Abu Dhabi Sports Centre and required hostesses to accommodate over 250 boxing fans to their assigned fan zone seats and assist them with any information required.


Medialinks, a talent agency, provided LA Table Events with the top profiles of hostesses from their talent pool. The role of the hostesses was an integral part of the event as they were responsible for making the guests feel welcome and accommodating them to their assigned seats.


The event was held for two days, during which the hostesses gracefully welcomed all guests and provided support to make the boxing event a great success. The hostesses were trained to:

Accommodate guests to their assigned seats

Assist guests with any queries or information required

Provide a warm and welcoming environment for guests


The promoter activation for the boxing event was successful. The hostesses were able to create a welcoming environment, which helped to create a positive experience for the guests. The guests were able to enjoy the event without any inconvenience, thanks to the support provided by the hostesses.


Promoter activation is an essential aspect of any event. Hostesses play a crucial role in creating a positive experience for guests, and LA Table Events understood this importance by partnering with Media Links to provide top-quality hostesses. The successful execution of the promoter activation ensured that the boxing event was a great success, and LA Table Events was able to provide a memorable experience to all guests.

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