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Western Union

To drive more transactions and registrations for the app of Western Union in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait on a 100% performance based model.

About Western Union App

WU app helps customers to create a profile and to start the money transfer on your phone. The app enables to send money for a cash pickup in more than 200 countries and territories or to a bank account in more than 50 countries.

The Problem

The client, Western Union, approached us with the goal of acquiring new users for their app and reducing the existing cost per acquisition (CPA) within a 3-month period. Our team was excited to be working with a popular and prestigious business that is known by people across the globe.

Our Solution

We developed a pricing model based on a cost per transaction (CPT) and targeted direct in-app, SDK, and media buy traffic in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, and Kuwait on both Android and iOS platforms. Utilizing Kochava as our mobile measurement partner, we set to work on meeting the client’s objectives.

The plan we made was one which we followed closely. One of the key strategies we employed was controlling fraud to almost zero level within the first 3 months. Ensuring clean traffic was crucial for Western Union as fraud can not only increase the CPA but also harm the brand reputation. Fraud control is always a challenging task and it was even more challenging in this case as the transactions were financial. Our team worked closely with Kochava to monitor the traffic, identify and block any suspicious activities. We also implemented strict protocols to verify the users and transactions, which helped us to minimize the fraud. We needed to be careful whilst working on this project as it was important that clients be able to trust Western Union if they are to use its services.


• Period: October 2021-March 2022
• Activated all geos for the client
• CAC goals met
• Controlled fraud to almost zero level in 3 months and then scaled the campaign

Overall, our team at Medialinks was able to provide a successful campaign for Western Union, and we are confident in our ability to deliver similar results for other businesses looking to acquire new users, reduce CPA and achieve first transaction from the app users at minimal cost.

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