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Etihad Rail DB


Etihad Rail DB, a heavy-rail Operations & Maintenance service provider in the UAE, approached our event management agency to organize an event on the occasion of Happiness Day. They wanted the theme of the event to be based on smiles and happiness. Our agency was tasked with managing the event’s decoration, cakes, and greeting cards. This case study outlines how we successfully executed the event to meet the client’s objectives.

The Problem:

The main challenge for our agency was to design an event that would reflect the theme of happiness and smiles while staying within the client’s budget. We needed to ensure that the event was engaging, interactive, and memorable for the attendees. Our team had to work with limited resources and a tight timeline to deliver the event successfully.

The Solution:

After a detailed discussion with the client, we proposed a concept that centred around the idea of spreading happiness. We decided to use a color palette of yellow and the brand color to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere at the event. Our team designed smiley face balloons and banners with happy messages to decorate the venue. To complement the theme, our agency provided customized cakes with smiley face designs and distributed greeting cards to all attendees.

How we did it:

Our team started by conducting thorough research on the latest event trends and ideas. We brainstormed creative concepts that aligned with the client’s vision and budget. We prepared a detailed project plan, which included timelines, budgets, and contingency plans.

To execute the event, we hired a team of experienced vendors, including decorators, bakers, and printers, to ensure the highest quality services. Our team oversaw the execution of the project, including venue setup, lighting, and sound, to ensure everything was delivered on time and as per the client’s expectations.


The event was a success, with over 200 attendees participating in the smile competition and sharing their happy moments on social media. The customized cakes and greeting cards were well-received by the attendees, who appreciated the personal touch. The event’s colourful decorations and happy atmosphere left a lasting impression on the attendees, creating a memorable experience for all.

In conclusion, our agency successfully delivered an event that aligned with the client’s vision, theme, and budget. Our team’s attention to detail, creative thinking, and project management skills were crucial to the event’s success. We were proud to be part of such a unique and memorable event and look forward to future opportunities to work with Etihad Rail DB.

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