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Refill Beauty


Refill Beauty is an online beauty platform that offers exclusive services from its partners, providing customers with the ability to discover and purchase beneficial treatments. As their Agency, we were responsible for developing their new e-commerce platform, branding, and advertising campaigns. The primary objective was to create a subscription-based platform that offered convenience and value to customers while establishing Refill Beauty as a leading beauty brand in the UAE market.

The Problem:

Refill Beauty faced several challenges when launching their new e-commerce platform. Firstly, they lacked a strong brand identity, which limited their ability to differentiate themselves from competitors. Secondly, they didn’t have a website for a subscription-based service, which made it difficult for customers to engage and commit to their services. Finally, they needed to establish brand recognition and awareness to drive customer acquisition and sales.

The Solution:

Our team of experts at Medialinks developed a comprehensive solution that addressed the challenges faced by Refill Beauty. We created a branding strategy that would differentiate the brand from competitors and resonate with their target audience. We also designed and developed an e-commerce platform with a subscription-based service that was optimized for user experience with easy checkouts and engagement. Finally, we created a digital marketing campaign that would drive brand awareness and customer acquisition.

How we did it:


We began by conducting market research to understand the beauty industry and the target audience of Refill Beauty. We then developed a branding strategy that included a new logo, brand colours, and messaging that resonated with their target audience. Our team created a brand book that outlined all the guidelines and elements of the brand’s visual identity, ensuring consistency across all digital and physical touchpoints.

E-commerce platform with subscription service:

We designed and developed a new e-commerce platform that incorporated a subscription-based service for Refill Beauty. Our team optimized the user interface and checkout process to make it easy for customers to engage and commit to the service. We also integrated analytics tools to track user behaviour and preferences, which helped Refill Beauty understand their customers better and improve their services accordingly.

Advertising campaigns:

We created a digital marketing campaign that would drive brand awareness and customer acquisition for Refill Beauty. We used targeted social media and google ads to reach potential customers and create brand recognition. Our team also created engaging content that highlighted the unique value proposition of Refill Beauty, such as the convenience and exclusivity of their services.


Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in Refill Beauty’s customer base and revenue. The subscription-based service helped retain customers and improve their lifetime value. The branding strategy and marketing campaigns helped establish Refill Beauty as a premium beauty brand in the UAE, with increased brand recognition and awareness. Overall, our digital marketing strategy helped Refill Beauty achieve its objectives and position itself as a leading beauty platform in the UAE.

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