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Wow Wet Wipes (Emirates Wet Wipes & RMB Group)

Project Objective: During the 2020, when demand of hygiene products was on a high, we were assigned to deliver digital marketing campaigns for one of the leading FMCG companies to position them as a leader in the niche

About Emirates Wet Wipes

In 2020, as the demand for hygiene products soared due to COVID, Medialinks was given the opportunity to deliver digital marketing campaigns for Wow Wet Wipes, a brand of Emirates Wet Wipes. Emirates Wet Wipes (EWW) is one of the largest manufacturers of wet wipes, tissues, and hygiene products in the GCC region. The company is a popular one in the country selling good-quality products. Not only do they produce a range of world-class products, but they also have in-house printing and lamination units with the latest technology to cater to the vast private label requirements. They have been able to get a large customer base due to the quality that they provide.

Selection Process of Emirates Wet Wipes

We at Medialinks regard ourselves as being lucky to have been chosen for this project after a tough three-month competitive pitch procedure. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a reputable and well-established brand in the FMCG industry. We put our best professionals to the task of completing this prestigious project.

 The win was announced all over the media and was covered in major publications. Please click here.

Our Solution

Our main objective was to position Wow Wet Wipes as a leader in the niche of hygiene products. In this way they would be able to reach out to more potential customers in this competitive industry. To achieve this, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included targeted advertising, social media campaigns, and influencer partnerships. We also created a new website for Wow Wet Wipes that not only looked great, but also provided a seamless user experience. The aim of the website is to help people shop easily for the products that they want with the help of an easy to use website that is responsive and can work on many devices.


The results of our efforts were outstanding. We were pleased that the company also appreciated these. Our campaigns generated a significant increase in brand awareness and website traffic. We also received positive feedback from our target audience on the new website. This was mainly because the website was an attractive one that came up in search engine results. It led to the company being able to get new customers to know about them.

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