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Project Type: Promoter Activation for Cool & Cool


Established in 2004, Cool & Cool is a leading international FMCG brand that is well-known for delivering trustworthy and reliable premium quality products such as Mother & Baby Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Convenient Wipes, and Detergents. The brand has always been committed to implementing innovative product development and impeccable customer service.

In 2022 the brand planned to have extensive retail promotion for the premium Arabian Luxury Range which they introduced.

The Challenge

Cool & Cool wanted to increase brand awareness and boost sales for their Arabian Luxury Range of products in some of the most popular hypermarkets across Dubai. They approached Medialinks to provide them with different categories of Promoters who could effectively promote their products and increase sales.

The Solution

Medialinks, a leading event management and marketing company, provided Cool & Cool with multiple Bilingual Promoters who had exceptional experience in the retail market. The Promoters were carefully selected based on their skills, experience, and ability to effectively communicate with customers.

The Promoters were trained extensively on Cool & Cool’s products, brand values, and marketing strategies. They were also equipped with the necessary tools and materials to engage customers and increase sales.

The Results

Over the past few months, Cool & Cool witnessed a significant increase in brand awareness and sales for their new range products. The Promoters have effectively engaged with customers and provided them with valuable information about Cool & Cool’s products, which has resulted in increased product consumption and sales.

The Promoters have also helped Cool & Cool in maintaining their exceptional reputation for delivering trustworthy and reliable premium quality products. Medialinks has extended its support to Cool & Cool for two years in a row and intends to continue supporting them in their future endeavours as and when the need arises.


The Promoter activation campaign conducted by Medialinks for Cool & Cool has been a huge success. The campaign has not only increased brand awareness and sales for Cool & Cool but has also helped them maintain their exceptional reputation for delivering premium quality products. Medialinks is proud to have been associated with Cool & Cool and looks forward to supporting them in their future endeavours.

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Cool & Cool

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