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Mega Market


Megamarket is one of the largest marketplaces in Russia, where millions of products from more than 60,000 sellers are presented. Clothing and shoes, food, cosmetics and perfumes, electronics and household appliances – absolutely everything you need for every day at great deals and with free delivery throughout the country.

The main advantage of the marketplace is super prices. We research prices for items and goods in other marketplaces and show you only the best options.

Challenges Faced by Mega Market:

Despite its commendable service delivery history, Mega Market confronted challenges in fully capitalizing on its market potential within Russia. The company aimed to fortify its brand recognition and deepen customer engagement in order to expand its market share and solidify its position as a leading service provider in the region.

Strategic Approach by Medialinks:

Addressing the challenges faced by Mega Market necessitated a strategic and multi-dimensional approach. Medialinks, leveraging its industry expertise, meticulously crafted a multifaceted strategy. This involved optimizing the utilization of multiple inventories to diversify reach and employing adept media buyers to tactically position targeted advertisements. Furthermore, our strategy encompassed the implementation of in-app promotions to directly engage users, deploying programmatic advertising to reach precise audiences, and consistently optimizing the campaign for increased engagement and click-through rates.

Results Achieved:

During the period spanning from September 2023 to November 2023, the collaboration between Medialinks and Mega Market yielded substantial outcomes:

Successful activation of Mega Market’s campaign across targeted regions within Russia.

Fulfillment of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) goals as set by Mega Market.

Significant improvements in brand recognition and augmented engagement metrics, reflecting positively on user interactions.

Elevated user engagement culminated in a substantial increase in service deliveries, solidifying Mega Market’s market position and expanding its customer base.


The collaboration between Medialinks and Mega Market in Russia yielded tangible and impactful results, showcasing Medialinks’ prowess in navigating the nuances of the Russian market landscape. The executed strategies not only bolstered brand recognition and engagement but also catalyzed substantial growth in service deliveries. 

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