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Mashreq Neo


Mashreq Neo redefines banking for the modern world. It earned recognition as The Best Mobile Banking App in the Middle East in 2020, showcasing its innovative edge. The app offers an intuitive interface, personalized features, and a unique 100% digital account opening process, eliminating paperwork and visits.

It’s more than a banking app; it’s a user-friendly platform that simplifies financial management. With just a few taps, users can handle various banking activities and access essential financial tools. Neo prioritizes digital security, ensuring a safe and convenient banking experience that caters to today’s preferences.

Mashreq Neo isn’t just an app; it’s a customer-focused solution shaping how people manage their finances in the digital era.

Problem Statement:
Mashreq Neo encountered a significant challenge in UAE to generate adequate account activations from its mobile app despite its potential market presence. The primary goal was to elevate the number of account activations substantially within a specified timeline.

Our Solution:
Medialinks approached this challenge with a tailored strategy aimed at driving heightened account activations for Mashreq Neo within the UAE market. Our team orchestrated targeted engagement strategies, integrated specific platforms, and employed data-driven methodologies to maximize user acquisition and engagement metrics. Notably, our efforts resulted in a noteworthy achievement of (geo: UAE) Delivering more than: 3000+ account activations. Additionally, stringent fraud control measures were implemented to ensure the integrity of traffic sources.

Between September 2023 to December 2023, our strategy yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Successful activation of all designated regions within UAE.
  • Surpassing the ambitious target of 3000+ account activations within the set timeframe.
  • Meeting the customer acquisition cost (CAC) goals effectively.
  • Demonstrating a significant surge in app engagement and user activity metrics.


In conclusion, by surpassing the set target of 3000+ account activations within the specified period and achieving CAC objectives, we’ve showcased our prowess in driving successful user acquisition and engagement strategies for managing campaigns for digital banks. This success reaffirms our confidence in replicating similar impactful outcomes for other businesses, aiming to bolster user acquisition, mitigate CPA, and elevate app engagement effectively

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