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Kenes, an esteemed event organizing company, specializes in orchestrating impactful conferences and events worldwide. With a strong foothold in the Netherlands and operational offices in Dubai, Kenes is dedicated to delivering seamless event experiences that inspire and empower.


Kenes recently hosted a prestigious event at the World Trade Centre spanning three days. To ensure the success of the event and maximize attendee engagement, KENES sought to enlist 19 promoters for efficient registration management throughout the conference duration from March 1 to 3.


As a trusted digital marketing partner, our company collaborated closely with KENES to fulfill their promoter requirements. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in promoter management, we swiftly identified and deployed a team of skilled promoters equipped to handle registration tasks seamlessly.

Our promoters were meticulously selected based on their proficiency in event coordination and customer service, ensuring a seamless registration process for attendees. Prior to the event, they underwent comprehensive training on KENES’ event protocols, registration systems, and customer engagement strategies to deliver a personalized and efficient registration experience.


The deployment of promoters proved instrumental in optimizing the registration process at the World Trade Centre event. Throughout the three-day conference, our dedicated team of promoters efficiently managed attendee registrations, provided on-site assistance, and ensured a smooth check-in process, contributing to a positive attendee experience.

The presence of promoters not only facilitated seamless registration but also enhanced overall event engagement and satisfaction. Attendees appreciated the personalized assistance and prompt support provided by our team, resulting in increased attendee satisfaction and a higher likelihood of repeat participation in future KENES events.


The successful execution of promoter activation at the World Trade Centre event underscores the effectiveness of strategic collaboration between KENES and our digital marketing company. By leveraging our expertise in promoter management and event coordination, we played a pivotal role in enhancing attendee experience and optimizing event operations.

As KENES continues to spearhead impactful events globally, we remain committed to providing unparalleled support and innovative solutions to drive success and deliver exceptional event experiences.

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