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ChicPoint is a brand offering high-quality clothing and accessories for babies, kids, women, and households. They provide cute, top-quality attire for children and empower self-expression through trendy women’s clothing and beauty products. With affordable household goods, they blend functionality and style for everyday living.

An example of their commitment is the “Little Explorers” collection, durable and stylish clothing for active kids. ChicPoint aims to be a destination for quality, affordable fashion, allowing individuals to express themselves comfortably.

Problem Statement:

Chicpoint, an active player in the UAE market, encountered a pressing challenge centered around boosting purchase rates within a limited time frame. Their primary goal was not only to elevate immediate sales figures but also to secure long-term customer acquisition and retention, essential for sustained growth and business stability.

Our Solution:

To tackle Chicpoint’s concerns effectively, our team orchestrated a comprehensive strategy. Leveraging targeted marketing initiatives, refined audience segmentation, and personalized engagement approaches, we aimed to significantly augment purchase rates. Our emphasis was on nurturing customer loyalty, recognizing its pivotal role in fostering continued user engagement and driving sustained business growth.

Additionally, our team employed robust analytics to discern user behavior patterns and preferences, enabling us to tailor campaigns more effectively. This data-driven approach facilitated an environment conducive to increased purchases and prolonged user engagement.


From July 2023 to November 2023, the campaign yielded compelling results:

  • Generated over 1800 purchases within the designated three-month period, signifying a substantial surge in acquisition rates.
  • Achieved a noteworthy retention acquisition rate of approximately 65% over the subsequent three months, indicating sustained customer engagement and highlighting the effectiveness of our strategies in driving ongoing business growth.



In summary, our collaborative efforts at Medialinks translated into remarkable achievements for Chicpoint within the UAE market. By successfully addressing the initial challenge of enhancing purchase rates and prioritizing customer retention, we not only drove immediate results but also laid the groundwork for sustained business success. These outcomes underscore the efficacy of tailored strategies in navigating market challenges and achieving significant milestones in business expansion and customer engagement.

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