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Medialinks Drives Successful Lead Generation Campaign for Lifepoints in KSA and UAE


Medialinks, a renowned lead generation agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE, partnered with Lifepoints, a member of the Kantar group, to execute a highly successful lead generation campaign in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This case study highlights Medialinks’ strategic approach and expertise in implementing an effective campaign, connecting Lifepoints with a diverse community of survey participants. The campaign not only generated valuable consumer insights but also rewarded participants with enticing incentives.

Campaign Overview:

Campaign Name: Lifepoints

Vertical: Surveys

Target GEO: KSA & UAE

Target Audience: Male/Female, 18 years and above

Campaign Caps: 5000

About Lifepoints:

Lifepoints is a trusted online survey platform that empowers brands to develop new products by connecting them with an engaged community of survey participants. Through completing surveys, participants earn reward points that can be redeemed for e-gift cards, PayPal cash, and other exciting rewards. Lifepoints ensures a seamless survey experience with its user-friendly interface.

Lead Flow Process:

  • Form Submission: Interested participants initiate the survey process by filling out a form and providing basic details. This form serves as the initial point of contact between Lifepoints and potential survey takers.
  • Mobile OTP Verification: Medialinks implemented a mobile OTP verification step to ensure lead authenticity. Successful verification triggers a pixel fire, which records the lead count.


Campaign Execution by Medialinks:

Medialinks meticulously executed a comprehensive lead generation campaign for Lifepoints, employing various strategies to maximize reach, engagement, and lead quality. The following strategies were implemented:

  • Targeted Advertising: Medialinks designed and executed precise advertising campaigns across social media platforms, search engines, and display networks. These campaigns specifically targeted the desired audience in KSA and UAE, highlighting the opportunity to earn rewards by participating in surveys.
  • Engaging Landing Pages: Medialinks created captivating landing pages in both English and Arabic, tailored to the preferences of the target audience. These pages showcased the benefits of participating in Lifepoints surveys and prominently featured the lead generation form.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Medialinks leveraged its extensive network and established strategic partnerships to amplify the campaign’s reach. Collaborating with relevant publishers and affiliates helped expand the campaign’s visibility, attracting a larger pool of potential survey takers.
  • Personalized Communication: Medialinks implemented personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns to nurture leads and encourage survey participation. These communications emphasized the enticing rewards and incentives available, motivating users to complete surveys.


Results and Impact:

Medialinks’ lead generation campaign for Lifepoints achieved remarkable results, surpassing expectations and delivering significant value to both brands and participants. The campaign’s outcomes were as follows:

High-Quality Leads: The campaign generated a substantial number of high-quality leads, exceeding the predetermined CAPs set by the advertiser

Enhanced Brand Awareness: The campaign significantly elevated Lifepoints’ brand awareness in the KSA and UAE markets. Medialinks’ targeted advertising efforts and strategic partnerships expanded the campaign’s reach, positioning Lifepoints as a trusted platform for online surveys.

Increased Community Engagement: Medialinks’ campaign drove a surge in community engagement, with a higher number of participants actively completing surveys. Lifepoints’ enticing rewards and Medialinks’ seamless user experience contributed to heightened participant satisfaction and increased survey completion rates.


Through its strategic approach and expertise, Medialinks successfully executed a lead generation campaign for Lifepoints in KSA and UAE. The campaign effectively connected Lifepoints with a diverse community of survey participants, generating valuable consumer insights while providing participants with enticing incentives. Medialinks’ collaborative efforts with Lifepoints played a crucial role in achieving outstanding results and driving brand success.

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