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Life Pharmacy


Life Pharmacy is a reliable online health store based in the UAE. Their commitment is to deliver orders promptly within just 30 minutes, ensuring convenience and reliability. Their online platform allows you to effortlessly purchase prescribed medications, vitamins, and a specialized range of products for babies and young children.

They also offer Best Price Guarantee, which ensures you get top-quality products from renowned brands without breaking the bank. 

Life Pharmacy – your go-to destination for all your health and wellness needs in the UAE.


Life Pharmacy sought Medialinks’ expertise for achieving significant milestones in a short time frame. They aimed to attract 15000 new users while sustaining an average order value (AOV) of 300 AED during a targeted 3-month campaign


Collaborating exclusively with Medialinks, Life Pharmacy deployed diverse strategies to engage new users. This encompassed focused outreach, compelling promotions, and tailored approaches. Consequently, the campaign successfully acquired 15000 new users within the designated time while consistently maintaining the desired AOV of 300 AED.

Results Achieved:

Period: August 2023 to November 2023

Acquired the targeted 15000 new users.

Maintained a consistent and desirable AOV throughout the campaign.

Life Pharmacy’s partnership with Medialinks showcased a successful execution, surpassing set objectives. This demonstrated Medialinks’ prowess in user acquisition and maintaining key metrics, solidifying its reputation as a dependable marketing partner.


The collaboration between Life Pharmacy and Medialinks yielded a successful marketing campaign, achieving objectives and showcasing effective user acquisition strategies while maintaining average order values.

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