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Snoop is an innovative mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It harnesses the power of open banking to deeply analyze your spending patterns. Its primary function is to offer tailored recommendations designed to assist users in effectively saving money across various aspects of their personal finances. By amalgamating all your financial accounts into a single interface, Snoop grants you a holistic view of your expenditures. This consolidated perspective makes it effortless to monitor your expenses, enabling you to easily discern where your money is being allocated and which card is used for specific transactions. This comprehensive overview serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking greater clarity and control over their financial activities, empowering them to make informed decisions for improved financial management.

Problem Statement:

Despite its innovative offerings, Snoop faced the challenge of expanding its user base within the UK market using the AppsFlyer platform. They aimed to increase account confirmations and bolster user engagement within a short span.

Our Solution:

To address Snoop’s challenge, our team at Medialinks devised a targeted strategy focused on enhancing user acquisition and engagement. Leveraging Appsflyer’s analytics and attribution capabilities, we meticulously optimized the campaign to ensure maximum visibility and user interaction within the UK market. Additionally, our approach involved refining targeting parameters and enhancing ad creatives to resonate effectively with the intended audience.

Results Achieved:

Within the specified timeframe of October to November ’23, the results of our tailored approach were remarkable:

Successfully confirmed over 1000 accounts, exceeding the set targets.

Achieved a notable increase in user engagement and acquisition within the UK market using AppsFlyer.

Demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategy through quantifiable metrics and analytics.


The collaboration with Snoop demonstrated the effectiveness of strategic planning and precise execution in expanding user acquisition and engagement within a competitive market. The success achieved within the specified period highlights our team’s proficiency in utilizing platforms like Appsflyer to drive substantial growth for our clients.

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