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Ooredoo Qatar

Expanding Cultural Horizons: Medialinks' Successful Distribution of 14 Pakistani Channels to Ooredoo's Qatar Doosra Pack


This case study examines the successful distribution of 14 Pakistani channels by Medialinks to Ooredoo Qatar, a prominent telecommunications company. These channels are made available to Ooredoo customers through the “Doosra pack,” reflecting the growing demand for international content amongst the views.


Medialinks is a leading media distribution company specializing in providing international channels to telecommunications providers globally. Ooredoo, on the other hand, is an established telecommunications company serving millions of customers across multiple countries. Recognizing the increasing popularity of Pakistani entertainment, news, and cultural content, Medialinks identified an opportunity to collaborate with Ooredoo and cater to the demand for these channels.


Medialinks’ primary objective was to distribute 14 popular Pakistani channels to Ooredoo, seamlessly integrating them into Ooredoo’s service offerings. The goal was to enhance Ooredoo’s channel lineup by diversifying its content portfolio and attracting a broader audience base, including expatriate Pakistanis and individuals interested in Pakistani programming.

Strategic Partnership:

Medialinks approached Ooredoo with a comprehensive proposal, emphasizing the potential market growth and revenue generation through the addition of Pakistani channels. Recognizing the value of this collaboration, Ooredoo agreed to incorporate the channels into their existing service packages, including the Doosra pack. The Doosra pack offers a diverse range of international channels, catering to various linguistic and cultural communities.

Technical Integration:

The technical integration of the Pakistani channels into Ooredoo’s infrastructure required collaboration between Medialinks’ content team and Ooredoo’s technical team. Medialinks provided Ooredoo with the necessary satellite feeds and broadcasting equipment to ensure seamless transmission of the channels. Additionally, Medialinks offered round-the-clock technical support to Ooredoo, promptly resolving any issues or glitches that arose.

Customer Response and Feedback:

The addition of Pakistani channels to Ooredoo’s channel lineup garnered a positive response from customers, particularly the Pakistani community and enthusiasts of Pakistani content. The channels offered a wide array of programming, including dramas, news, sports, and cultural shows, catering to diverse interests. Ooredoo received valuable feedback from its subscribers, allowing them to refine their offerings and address any concerns or suggestions from viewers.


We would like to thank Ooredoo’s team who were responsible to make the whole process seamless from the start till end.

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