Yaqoot (Zain Telecom Saudi Arabia / KSA)

Project Objective: Medialinks was tasked to work on a performance-based campaign for Yaqoot. Yaqoot is a digital service brought to the audiences by Zain KSA that allows you to enjoy packages with unlimited calls and data for selected app.

About Yaqoot

Yaqoot, a digital service offered by Zain KSA. The service is exclusively available thru their app and various digital platforms. In other words, its a telecom operator selling mobile plans but available exclusively online with no physical stores.

The Problem

Medialinks was tasked to work on a performance-based campaign for Yaqoot. The goal was to bring maximum sim orders from Saudi Arabia on 100% performance based model.

Our Approach

As a digital marketing agency, Medialinks understands that user behavior is vastly different on smartphones compared to desktop devices. In order to create a successful performance campaign for Yaqoot, it was crucial that we work with publishers who have strong penetration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and consistently optimize the campaign to prevent click flooding or fraud. 

To achieve this, Medialinks carefully selected a group of trusted publishers with a strong presence in the KSA and closely monitored their performance throughout the campaign. We also implemented advanced fraud detection tools to ensure that the campaign was not being impacted by fraudulent activity. 

Our team of experts closely analyzed the data and made adjustments to the campaign in real-time to ensure that we were reaching the right audience and driving conversions. 


The campaign was a huge success, with Yaqoot seeing a significant increase in engagement and sales as a result. The company was happy with the services that we were able to provide them with worked with us for 18 months.

This success is a testament to Medialinks’ expertise in performance-based marketing, as well as our deep understanding of the Saudi market and its unique challenges. 

 If you’re looking to create a similar successful performance-based campaign for your mobile app and want to work with a team of experts, please don’t hesitate to contact Medialinks today. 

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