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Top 10 Apps That Integrate With Shopify and Why You Need To Use Them For Your eStore

There are thousands of apps and plugins available to use on your Shopify store. There are so many options that sometimes many business owners are worried about the best ones to use. These apps are made available almost for the eStore platform.

Shopify apps help to optimize your content and drive traffic to your eCommerce store. If you want to drive traffic, generate leads, increase engagement and increase order, then you need to try these apps.

Here are Ten Apps to use on your Shopify store.

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger: this duo is one of the most popular messaging apps. With this plugin, it is easy to interact with customers on the Shopify platform. It is easy to set-up and navigates. It reminds customers of unfinished sales and also informs clients of new products. This plugin is free.

Smile: Smile is the app you need when you want a dual function of increasing engagement and rewarding customers with loyalty points.

Smile allows clients to leave feedback using fun emojis, and this eliminates the long process of typing. It gives reward points when clients share your brand, follow your account, and more. This app is free. To get more value, upgrade to the paid version.

Sumo: sumo allows you to incorporate simple marketing strategies like cart reminders and exclusive offers.  It reduces cart abandonment, increases sales, and improves email listings. To maximize all the value from Sumo, it is best to pay for it.

Oberlo: This is a dropshipping app like Spocket. The difference is that they only let you use search in products from Aliexpress and Oberlo marketplace. It also offers order confirmation, automatic shipment, order tracking, an update of price and inventory. Oberlo is free for up to 50 orders. You can pay a subscription fee of $29.90 or $79.90 per month to upgrade.

Plug-in SEO: This helps to optimize your content. It is comfortable for everyone unable to handle SEO on the Shopify platform. It is easy to use and can boost your ranking. This app is free, but an upgrade costs $20.

Kit: is that marketing app that makes you feel like you have your assistant. It builds effective Facebook and Instagram ads, sending mail to clients and prospects. This app is free.

Yotpo: This plugin helps to generate customers’ reviews, photos, and questions. It increases engagement with existing customers and potential customers. This app is free to use.

Referral Candy: This allows your clients to recommend your store to family and friends. For every referral, they get a reward you choose( a gift or a discount). This app is free for the first 30 days. Sales rocket operates as a complete sales and marketing platform. It increases store load time and helps your store to make money. Free shipping Bar: From the name, this app offers free shipping. It automatically responds to the number of purchases shoppers place in their cart.

This is a free app and it costs $9.99 to upgrade.

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