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Top Content Management System (CMS) Platforms In The UAE 2023

What is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is an interface that allows users to publish content directly to the Website or software application used to upload, edit, & manage content displayed on a website.

Top Content Management System (CMS) Platforms In The UAE

Choosing the right CMS often calls for significant amounts of research and discussions with vendors galore. Ignoring it can often cause you to pick up something haphazardly, which either your business genuinely doesn’t need or is too costly to maintain.

A stable content management system that incorporates the entire content landscape of an organization and smoothly integrates with various systems has become the need of the hour.

Sl. No Technology Websites Percentage

1 WordPress 8466 81.46%

2 Adobe Muse 241 2.32%

3 Microsoft Sharepoint 139 1.34%

4 iAPPS 136 1.31%

5 Other CMS Platforms 1411 13.57%


WordPress dominates the landscape, with 81.46% (8466) businesses using it.

WordPress has been around in the web development domain since 2003 and still holds sway over the whole idea of a simple Content Management System for a business. From personal blogs to professional e-commerce websites, WordPress helps you realize your dream of owning a website without investing much.

Using a WordPress web design makes web development easy, cost-effective, functional, secure, simple, SEO-friendly, scalable, and whatnot. It allows you to customize your site with the numerous plugins it offers. Another attribute exclusive to WP is that this open-source platform gives you strong community support as well.

Adobe Muse (AM)

Ever did you imagine that you could build a website yourself sans coding knowledge? More than a CMS, Adobe Muse works as a website builder, tailor-made for designers especially, who have the passion for creating brilliant-looking websites.

Adobe Muse comes in second on-trend, holding 2.32% of CMS market share. There are 241 websites built on AM.

The UI is similar to Adobe’s designer programs such as Indesign and Photoshop. It brings the convenience of use to designers helping them shift their focus from programming to designing. Even newbies can either seek help from Muse’s dedicated community or learn from the brilliant tutorial videos available in the kit.

But what might pose a challenge is the absence of ready-to-use themes; you are just given a blank canvas, and you will have to design everything from scratch. Another added advantage is that Adobe Muse allows you to merge your albums or blogs on Tumblr or WordPress.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint seizes the third position with a 1.34% market share.

As a CMS, Microsoft’s SharePoint is pretty easy to use from a layman’s perspective or for those who are already familiar with the Microsoft Office suite. It is an excellent choice when you have any content (word docs or pdfs) to archive, manage and share. But this again calls for a careful mastery over taxonomy, which can become cumbersome in time.

As a member of the Microsoft family, it integrates easily with their Office suite. It can be used as an intranet in your organization. It makes your site more secure, not being open source, but that again throws a challenge to find a good support community.


With 136 businesses using it, iAPPS comes in fourth among all.

Suiting all business sizes, iAPPS’ flexible interface even facilitates admin management using mobile phones or tablets. It works on the latest HTML5 technology, so your website can host any rich media content.

The platform also allows for a fluidic integration with third-party apps, thereby giving you all the liberty to share content between various platforms. However, their UX and support base needs a bit of improvement.

Other CMS Platforms Used by UAE Websites

Others comprise 27 CMS platforms, including Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, etc. They together own an average market share of 0.50%.

Note: This statistics is not based on the reviews of CMS users. We have just presented the most widely used CMS’s across the UAE, based on our research. Each of these Content Management Systems offers its specific features. While WordPress allows for easy customization, Adobe Muse gives you a design platform to explore your creativity.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform in the UAE, acquiring the lion’s share of the market.

Before choosing a CMS, you need to understand your business needs and budget. For instance, factors like price can sometimes lure you, but the real cost of a CMS happens post-purchase.

A CMS that requires exhaustive coding is not a good bet for a small business as it unnecessarily overshoots the implementation time and cost. Therefore, it is always good to consult a web designing agency to choose the right CMS for your business.

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