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Landing pages- How to use them to your Digital Marketing advantage?

Landing pages are always recognized to be the most important aspect of a digital campaign. Yes it helps to have a website where a customer can go to and refer to for your services but a landing page provides an all in one page where potential customers can find all the information they need about your business.

Landing pages are independent pages that are specifically dedicated for traffic such as PPC leads, Email Marketing and Direct clients. It is designed to drive conversions for your campaigns by making things easier for your traffic.

There are several benefits that arise from having optimized and well targeted landing pages for any businesses campaign. In order to understand these benefits better we will be using PPC campaigns as an example to understand how landing pages help PPC campaigns.

Whilst setting up your campaign it is important to focus on structuring the ad groups with a method that will produce a high quality score for the keywords that you are using. Google uses your quality score to determine your ad word performance strength, it is determine by 3 things, Ad relevance, expected click-through rate and landing page experience.

The quality score is important in determining where exactly your ad will be placed and the cost of each click besides keyword and ad copy, it is finally the landing page that is responsible for converting the traffic into potential leads!

Being able to create targeted ad groups is what makes PPC effective. In addition, differentiating the landing page message based on each target is important for all conversions. Some practices that can be used to create landing pages that are successful are;

  1. Make it easy to change
    PPC campaigns are always being modified and changed for the better it’s one of the perks of this campaign method. Your landing pages need to have a level of flexibility in order to incorporated different testing ideas and overall optimization strategies
  2. Focus on Conversions
    PPC traffic needs to be treated differently in comparison to organic traffic. The difference is that the window of opportunity to convert PPC leads are smaller in comparison to having an organic visitor. Having relevant call to action buttons and information based on the visitors intention on being on your landing page will be what will possibly convert them over.
  3. Simplicity
    Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and to the point when it comes to completing your landing page so customers can complete their desired action and the this then results in a higher conversion rate.
  4. Specific
    Be specific, include search terms from the ad group that got the user to your site in the first place. By doing so it incorporates some level of trust with your potential customer but further adds value to the experience of your landing page.
  5. Benefit your customer
    Once the customer has reached your landing page it is easy to your understand what it is they already need so try to give them an offer that they simply cannot refuse!

Finally once you have determined what your marketing goals are and your point of conversion for each goal, you can begin creating a landing page based on the points as above to overall perfect your PPC structure. Be sure to keep your content tightly themed with each ad group and focus on optimizing and monitoring your landing pages to best improve your performance and conversion rates.

As a digital marketing agency in Dubai, we specializes in creating landing pages for you and generating potential leads for your business through our PPC campaigns. Drop us a hello and get started on your digital marketing journey.

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