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8 Top Web Development Trends in 2023

In a highly competitive digital market, every e-commerce business is looking for new ways to maximize the services of websites in ensuring productivity, generate leads, build relationships and sustenance, and most importantly, make a profit. The digital tools mostly exposed to eCommerce are continually changing. It is, therefore, imperative to foresee these changes, adapt and leverage them profitably.

With the advent of rapidly evolving technology, E-commerce is looking for new and faster ways of getting things done. Developers are continually searching for unique trends and technologies that will be the variety for future business outlook.

Hence, for many companies, keeping up with these developments and trends can be a little problematic. This does not have to be so. If you are looking out for the best web development trends for your business, this is where you should be.

8 Web Development Trends in 2021

We have compiled eight web development trends in 2021 that businesses such as yours can consider making satisfactory products and services delivery.

  1. Use of No-code and Low-code

In 2021 businesses should be looking towards effective use of No-code and Low-code. This is because it is created to make life a lot easier and drastically curtail workload. Skilled innovators use these tools to simplify workflows, reduce workloads, and allow them to concentrate on other projects. It made it easier to develop applications without writing strenuous code. No-code tools lessen the barrier to entry with visual programming interfaces and enable tools for those who have never written a code line.

  1. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Businesses that want to do well in 2021 must look out for Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). Although Progressive Web Application has been around for some time now, its potentials and advancement are yet to be fully incorporated and used, especially by business owners. PWAs enables webpages to load without internet service. This function enhances the user experience and can drive more customers. WhatsApp is an example of PWA technology where you get to read and send messages without the internet. Once there is an internet connection, your messages are delivered.

  1. Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

Another web development trend that continues to see traction in 2021 is Single-Page Applications (SPAs). It allows for continuous, uninterrupted scrolling while a page is loading. With this concept, the user will not be subjected to wait for a browser to finish loading before using the page, which can be very annoying. For instance, Google and Facebook use Single-Page Applications, which enable scrolling while the page is loading. The experience is unequal. With many users coming online, companies must be ready to adopt SPAs massive in 2021.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has been around for years, if not decades, and has been intertwining its way into the digital world. With e-commerce getting established, AI is no doubt a trend to adopt. AI has enabled Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), which have gone from theoretical notions to total use cases. YouTube makes use of NLP subtitle audio automatically. In the same vein, Google analytic makes use of ML to understands user behavior towards products. Companies investing in technology can take advantage of AI to boost their user experiences. Other AI functions include WhatsApp Business APIs, chatbots, recommendation engines, and SaaS tools that help make employees’ lives much more manageable.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is an important concept e-commerce businesses should look at in 2021. It can be credible for growth through Voice search and smart speaker. It is estimated that about eight billion digital voice assistants will be in use by 2023, and an expected estimation of 163 million smart speakers will be by 2021. Most e-commerce is yet to optimize Voice search usage which means, they will not come up on search engines. This is not good for business. The growth in use enhances how people interact with search engines as well as rank your websites high.

  1. Data Visualization

Data Visualization is another important trend. Just as the name implies, it provides data through images. In 2021, more data visualization will be incorporated into web designs, especially the interactive variety. It engages and educates users by allowing them to view the information they want understandably. Interactive data visualizations are gaining prominence because they grab the user’s attention. Hence, you can expect their functionality among journalists and companies in 2021.

  1. WebAsssembly (Wasmfor short)

Wasm is sure a traction-gaining ground and would be expected to explode in 2021. It is designed for efficient software interpreters due to its ability to compile code in bytecode – compact, numeric code, etc. This trend exists to enables easy accessibility to the webpage. It is independent of programming language, runs codes faster, and is highly secured.

  1. Motion Design UI

Finally, Motion Design UI’ is another web development trend to watch out for in 2022. It refers to the use of smooth, minimalist animation in web design. Motion Design UI does not have to use JavaScript or jQuery, and something developers love about it. Whenever you are on a website, you would likely notice Motion Design UI in the Charts, Pull-down menus, Page header transitions, Pop-ups, and Scrolling. The beautiful it is that it attracts and keeps people visiting your websites. Therefore, Motion Design UI will gain more prominence in 2021.

As a business owner, your online presence not only reflects your products and services but also how to professionally deliver them. Hence, it is crucial to hire a locally based experienced agency who can help you create a website which really sells, attract customers, and generate good sales.

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