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How is WordPress better than other CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) can is defined as an integrated set of tools and strategies for developing and delivering content of all kinds over the internet. Thanks to CMS, creating a website or blog has become way easier. CMS helps businesses and e-commerce establishments to provide the right tools to build a professional-looking site within a minimum amount of time.

For any e-commerce to stand out, it must generate content that meets the needs of its existing and potential customers.  CMS provides your website with the right tools to generate these contents, that is, all informational material that can enable it to appear in search engines and social media platforms. Such contents include documents, images, video, and audio, or any combination of these.

The content goal of a website determines the kind of content management system it uses. Hence, the provision of special CMS to meet special website needs. What CMS has done is to provide businesses with important tools to manage multiple sites successfully, incorporate SEO best practices, and enable the best user experience without the need to write powerful codes or have a broad knowledge in CSS, Javascript, and other programming languages.

There are many content management systems out for businesses to use. The most popular of all is WordPress. It is a free and open-source CMS. With WordPress, anyone can publish any content online and share it. Thanks to its constantly growing plugins and themes, it maintains the number one position of all CMS.

Why WordPress?

WordPress accounts for powering over twenty percent of all sites worldwide. Its users generate over one point three million new posts on WordPress sites every day. It is embraced by big, small, and multinational organizations, even some governments.

Initially, WordPress was focused on blogging. However, new features, an expansive plugins library, and themes have transformed the software into a full-scale CMS frequently used to design powerful websites. Its flexibility makes it friendly CMS for beginners. To make things clearer, I will be sharing five important reasons why WordPress is better than all other CMS.

5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than the CMS.

  1. It is accessible and flexible. WordPress CMS is open-source software that can be installed easily without any specialist intervention. It takes less than five minutes to get done. As against other specialized CMS that require subscription or purchase, WordPress is free for all. You don’t need groundbreaking knowledge in programming to use WordPress.
  2. WordPress supports all kinds of content. WordPress is an all-encompassing software that allows the management of different kinds of content in use. Aside from its core code, WordPress has a list of plugins and themes that grant users access to customize their website appearances. Plugins are codes that can add various specific functions to a WordPress site, which includes many aspects of content management. Themes manage the view and as well have tools that can manage text, images, and videos.
  3. WordPress is helpful for SEO integration. SEO is essential for business websites to reach their target audience quickly since profit-making is the goal. Hence, WordPress makes that possible compare to other CMS software. WordPress is incredibly good at promoting SEO best practices. Users can optimize their content and analyze for specific keywords with the plugins.
  4. WordPress has large community support. It is extensive and has an expanded community base. This gives room for developers to keep it secured and updated. It also provides access for widened knowledge, tutorials, troubleshooting, etc., for both new and existing WordPress users to get along.
  5. WordPress flexibility makes it easy to customize. WordPress has thousands, if not millions, of graphic templates that enable you to change your websites’ appearance. Your website functions well with the plugins, and the theme also keeps your content consistent across various devices.

Although no CMS is perfect and self-sufficient, WordPress gives room for improvement. Allowing webmasters to update their features to fit the current market needs constantly. As a result, WordPress has monopolized the CMS market, that no competitor comes closer. Its versatility, flexibility, and free-for-all have made content creation and sharing relatively possible within minutes. If you are looking to build your website, WordPress is sure your CMS software.

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