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5 Digital Marketing Strategies that work during Pandemic

Businesses struggled to run smoothly mid last year, thanks to the unforeseen covid-19. Nobody planned for it, even though there have been speculations around it. The unexpected happened, and everything went upside down. Companies shut down. Employees lost their jobs. There was a global meltdown.

However, since the pandemic started last year, some digital marketing consultants have been able to pull through with some strategies. Digital marketing agency in Dubai like Medialinks, helped many companies run successful marketing campaigns despite the lockdown and boosted their client sales and annual revenue.

Problems are meant to be solved. So when they happen, you can always cheer up and go behind the scene to figure out possible ways you can tackle them. E-commerce also struggled last year. However, some re-strategized and got back their mojo. Many of them couldn’t adopt any working strategy to boost sales.

For the thriving ones, here are five digital marketing strategies that worked during covid-19:

  • Influencer marketing did magic for e-commerce last year. Some marketing consultants adopted the influencer marketing approach. Why? Influencers have a fanbase. Hence, it was easier to leverage their platform and reach out to their followers, thereby boosting sales and increasing marketing with a limited budget. Also, many influencers were active online due to general lockdown. They spend more time attending to their followers and generate more engagement through them.
  • Personalized marketing was also a great trick some marketing consultants tried out and got positive marketing. They got consumers’ details and adopted some digital technology to send individualized messages around their products and also offering them at an excellent price. It’s something you should also give a try.
  • Cold calling is not dead. It is also not limited to salespeople. We are all salespeople. We are either selling traditionally or electronically. Pick up the phone and call your existing customers. Ask how they are faring. This approach worked for me. I was sitting at home when I got a call from an e-commerce website. I got some products from there early last year. They asked about my health. I was impressed. Guess what; I shopped there on Christmas Eve.
  • Offering a 50% discount was another strategy that boosted sales on some e-commerce websites. People love to buy cheap things, especially when it appears like a steal. I came across some websites that offered consumers the option to buy one and get one for free. I had no intention to purchase, but the offer lured me. I went ahead and bought five different products. The next day I checked back, the store was empty. The strategy was highly effective.
  • SEO played a pivotal role, as well. Some digital marketers revamped their website and optimized their social media platforms with some well-ranked keywords.

Running a digital marketing campaign is no joke. You must always be on top of your game to stay relevant. The strategies shared in this write-up will go a long way in helping you strategize and keep up with the ever dynamic digital marketing world.


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