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Why is it Important to have a Blog on your eCommerce Website?

blog on ecommerce website

Blogging, once solely a method of documenting personal experiences, has now become a marketing tool used by SEO specialists all across the world. It is proven to be one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools in the industry. Many businesses have understood the benefits of having blogs on their e-commerce websites, and as an ecommerce website development company in Dubai, we understand exactly why blogging is so fundamental for proper marketing of your business.
I suppose the real question that remains after all of the buzz around blogging is, how important is it to have a blog on your e-commerce website, and how can your business benefit from it?

  1. Blogging helps build your ranking on search engines like Google

The secret behind boosting your ranking on Google is writing blogs that are filled with content that is rich in SEO. How many times have you looked up something on Google and found company blogs pop up with relevant answers to your question? That’s because those bloggers effectively filled their blogs with relevant keywords within the blog material, meta tags, descriptions and headings.
It is also just as important to keep your content short and to the point so readers don’t lose interest and data is easy to find. Make sure you have backlinks embedded to your text as well, this is just as important in generating good results on search engines

  1. Your company will be recognized

Having content that is relatable and of good quality on your blogs will generate traffic along with potential customers to your website. In some cases, your blog can also generate media attention and give you exposure on bigger media platforms. This is all provided that your content is carefully and thoughtfully written. The voice you choose to use through your blog is also a factor in how you show your expertise in the industry.

  1. Blogs will Engage Customers

Not only will your blogs help boost your rank on Google, but it will also help build customer loyalty to your business! Provided your content is of good quality and is able to capture and invoke a response from its readers, readers will automatically engage with your blogs and always come back for more. Writing blogs for these frequent readers will also give them a sense of belonging and make them feel like they are part of a community. Next thing you know, you have a loyal set of followers for your blogs and, hand in hand, your business. These readers are most likely to browse through your website and maybe even be interested in becoming customers, all because you chose to write a quality blog.

  1. You can blog about almost anything

The beauty behind blogging for your ecommerce website is that you can talk about anything. Your blog can talk about industry information that the ordinary reader will have little to no idea about, reveal secrets (only the ones that will not get you into trouble), generate awareness about the workings behind your business and the time and effort it takes and post images to add some visual delight!

Regardless of what kind of e-commerce website your business has, it is fundamental that blogging is incorporated into your marketing strategy in order to reap the benefits sown by it. It is important that you write blogs that are insightful and engaging to your readers and not solely with the intention of boosting your businesses rank in the industry.  Once you maintain a blogging strategy such as this you will find that your business will grow and improve its online presence.

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