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What is SEO – 5 Facts about SEO?

If you own a website, you may know about search engine optimization or SEO. People search the internet for things daily. Therefore it is important for a business to use their website to reach customers. For this, they will have to optimize their website so that they can appear in search engines and result in an increase in website traffic. If you are wondering what is SEO and how it works, continue reading on to find out 5 facts about it:


1. What is SEO

SEO tends to be the procedure of improving the quality as well as quantity of website traffic to some website or web page particularly from search engines. SEO actually targets unpaid traffic instead of direct traffic and paid traffic. The unpaid traffic can come from various types of searches, like image search, video search, new search, etc.

It is necessary that a website rank high in different search engines, like Google’s and Bing’s results so that your potential customers can notice it in search results. For this it is important to pursue SEO services effectively.

SEO will answer customer’s questions prior to them asking these. It comprehends the words that they are searching with and what kind of content they want to consume.


2. Importance of SEO

SEO has many advantages including generating more traffic. It is important to rank high in an organic search as organic traffic is the best type of website traffic because you will not have to pay money so that visitors check out your site. With SEO, it is possible to get many clicks and traffic.

SEO traffic is also consistent. If a page is ranking well upon Google, it is likely that you will get consistent traffic through this page.

SEO even improves the users experience as it is synonymous with effective SEO practices. It aims to give people an optimal experience.


3. Duplicate content does not get one penalized

When it comes to SEO search engine optimization, you will not be penalized for duplicate content. Google behaves differently for copied content instead of duplicate content. Copied content will get you penalized but not duplicate content.

Duplicate content will not always harm SEO as some people think. No doubt, duplicate content is not good for a website.


4. Content is vital for SEO

When considering SEO services, content matters. If you wish to rank high on Google, you need to make high-quality content which people will want to read.

There are many factors that are considered at the time of ranking a website. It will be useless if you have a fast website but people cannot find what they want on it. If you can give people what they want, they will probably want to stay for more time on your site. This is why you need to create good content.


5. Page titles matter

For SEO search engine optimization, a huge mistake that people make is not having a proper page title. It is the second most effective on-page SEO element. This is after relevant content. You need to have a proper targeted page title.

SEO is important nowadays when people use the internet to search for anything they want to get.


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