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Why taking your products to Noon and Amazon are important in today’s age?


If you are an e-commerce seller, brand, or even business located in the Middle East, this can be really rewarding. The reason is that online shopping trends in the region are increasingly showing a growth for all e-commerce players. There is a huge opportunity in the e-commerce industry in the United Arab Emirates region as the number of online shoppers has increased here. Two popular and higher-valued marketplaces with one of the best-seller models in the UAE include Noon and Amazon. It is important in this digital age to bring your products here.

The following tells you why you should consider taking your products to Noon and Amazon in today’s digital age:

Reach many customers

Amazon online shopping and Noon online shopping have become the first stop for many people who are shopping online. There are many active customer accounts present on Amazon. Many users are devoted enough to Amazon shopping that they have invested in Amazon Prime. This is the Amazon subscription which lets one have access to some special benefits.

Therefore if you take your products to Noon and Amazon UAE, you can allow them to be noticeable to many interested shoppers. This is the type of exposure that your brand needs if it is a growth-minded one.

When you are selling on Noon and Amazon, you should check out their rules so that you know where to sell to get the most profit margin according to what you are selling.

Good market reputation

It is important that an online store have a good reputation if it is to gain customers’ trust. People will be unwilling to put an order on some website which is not popular. Middle Eastern customers tend to be more skeptical of fresh ventures as well as sellers and so aim to stick with long-time vendors.

This is why it is better to sell products on popular platforms like Amazon and Noon. Noon is a popular visited website in the Middle Eastern region. Your online business can get the push it needs when you choose an e-commerce platform like Noon and Amazon.

When it comes to Amazon, this is popular across the globe. Therefore you will be likely to get customers who are shopping online here and those who are looking for what you are selling.

No expense on infrastructure and on-ground staff

Nowadays a business does not have to establish a whole setup simply for selling their products. Previously a company had to have offices and warehouses, hire local staff, send managers as well as supervisors to the area they wanted to invest in. Internet and e-commerce have altered these dynamics.

When looking at Noon allows one to employ its warehouses as well as extensive operational setup helping you scale up your business.

Similar to Amazon, you will send your products, and both platforms will take care of everything for you. This includes packaging, shipping, etc.

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA tends to be a system whereby one sends their inventory to Amazon. They will handle the picking, packing, and shipping of the products. This is done directly from their warehouses.

When employing FBA, Amazon takes responsibility for any issues during shipping, such as damaged items, etc. Your reputation as a seller is not affected.

If you wish to increase sales for your company, you should think about venturing into Noon and Amazon as online shopping is increasing.

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