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What are Long-Tail-Keywords and how can they benefit your SEO strategy

SEO strategy

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is important for all companies to follow in this digital age. Concentration on long-tail keywords is an effective SEO tactic to follow. Long-tail keywords tend to be keywords and key phrases which are more specific. They are often longer in comparison to more commonly employed keywords. These keywords get less search traffic. However, they will often have a higher conversion value because they are more specific. These let one gradually get more traffic to your site.

What are long-tail keywords?

When it comes to Long-tail keywords, these are highly targeted search phrases that specifically serve searcher intent. The keywords often have low search volume, low competition, and high conversion rates.

The keywords are known as long-tail because if one plots their keywords by their search volumes, these would be present on the “long tail” end of their search demand curve. This means that less people will be searching for the terms every month.

You may be wondering how these can then help your SEO optimization strategy.

Despite the low search volume, the long-tail keywords are usually simpler to rank for and therefore result in higher conversions in comparison to seed keywords.

The reason is that long-tail keywords are able to communicate a clear customer want that you are able to solve. They tend to be intent-driver.

When you know about search intent, it is possible to make content that specifically addresses the queries as well as converts. For detailed research about keyword research planning tools to better Keyword Research, you can use – SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner & many more.

So, how can long-tail keywords benefit your SEO writing or strategy?

Benefits of using long-tail keywords for SEO

There are many advantages of long-tail keywords, which make them a vital part of any SEO expert strategy. The following are some benefits to take note of:

Lower competition

When looking at long-tail keywords are much easier to rank in comparison to short-tail keywords. This is due to the relatively low competition.

If you are not concentrating on them in your SEO digital marketing strategy, you are missing out on major opportunities to be able to drive quality traffic to the website.

Better conversion rates

Those who opt for long-tail keywords when searching will know more about what they wish to get. This is why companies usually see better conversion rates if they are utilizing long-tail keywords because the content will be more targeted to the website visitor’s requirements.

The requirements of visitors tend to be the search intent.

Increase content visibility

Professional SEO services opt for long-tail keywords as they can increase content visibility. When someone is searching for the long-tail keyword, Google will personalize the search results according to their location, age, sex, etc.

Therefore two users entering similar search terms may view different results. With the help of long-tail keywords, you can help optimize your website. This is for the different categories of searchers as they are more specific.

Aid new and low-authority pages to rank faster

Google ranks web pages and SEO content after looking at some factors. These encompass authority, quality, as well as relevance. There are a few giant industry players that dominate the rankings for high-competition keywords, as these pages usually possess higher authority that is in the form of backlinks.

However, if your webpage is newer or if you have not yet been able to attract sufficient backlinks, your “authority” cannot compete. This is even if SEO content is of good quality.

Therefore you can get a more strategic advantage if you are more relevant to the target audiences. When targeting long-tail keywords which are more specific, you can make highly relevant content that answers the search terms better than the other pages. You can pursue keyword stuffing here.

You may then be likely to rank for the lower-competition keywords without many backlinks propping up your page and blog post.

If you own a company, you should pursue SEO efforts that concentrate on using long-tail keywords. This can help increase traffic to your website.

About Medialinks:

Medialinks is a professional digital marketing agency in  Dubai with experts who know about SEO. This allows them to be able to create a search engine marketing strategy that works. They aim to make your website appear on search results by using long-tail keywords apart from other strategies. They have professionals that can cater to every business in the UAE and worldwide. If you need help with SEO and are looking for an SEO agency in Dubai, contact them!

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