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What Are PPC Services and Why Do You Need Them?

As a marketer or in fact anyone in the business industry it is important to know what PPC as it can determine the success of your marketing strategies. For those of you who are completely unaware of what PPC is, PPC, which stands for Pay per click, is a method of advertising in which marketers pay each time a user or viewer clicks on one of the company’s ads.

There are several different types of PPC’s ads available. You know the ads that show up first on your google search results, those fall under the category of PPC as marketers have paid for special keywords you use for their ads to show up. These searches can vary from anything such as “salons near me” or somebody just looking for good places to have a dinner date. These all trigger the pay per click ads.

PPC Works in a way where advertisers have to attend auctions to gain the right to use certain keywords, if your competitors bid higher than you did, and then they will have the right to use that keyword and therefore rank higher. Keywords can range from $1 to even $10

As a business, there are many methods of advertising out there and, but you might be wondering, why PPC and Will PPC services in Dubai make any difference to my company? Here are a few reasons as to why PPC will be the next best method of advertising for your business.

  1. It gives you a JumpStart

In comparison to other advertising channels like email and social media, PPC gives you the advantage of branching out to customers who are completely outside of your reach. An added benefit is that most of the PPC advertising is done outside of the platform.
This enables any sized business to get involved with the least amount of effort besides a few instances of setting up landing pages and conversion tracking.

  1. You are the sole controller

Your control over these ads start with the keywords you choose to bid on, how much you want to spend on these ads and your target audience and how restrictive you want to be.

Based on the success of these PPC ads you can increase the budget immediately or even decrease it, ads can also be paused mid-way if you are not happy with the results. You are also given the flexibility to make edits on your ads and optimize your ads while they are live.

  1. So Much Marketing Data

As any marketer knows, the value of gaining information through ads is always a gold mine! Studying things such as clicks through rates, impressions, time spent on pages and conversion data for each keyword that you have invested on will help you devise an even better SEO strategy to capture this very audience. Not to mention you can keep an eye on your competition  through third party tools like, SEOPowersuite, SEMRUsh, Keyword Spy etc.

  1. Overall, PPC contributes to your business

PPC will ultimately help your business achieve several marketing and business goals. These goals can be about anything from brand exposure, increasing market share, improving ecommerce sales or improved competitiveness. PPC acts as a pivotal tool for gaining website traffic and achieving goals. PPC can be set up in ways to achieve several different goals your business hopes to achieve it all depends on you.

I believe I am speaking for every marketer out there when I say that PPC has proven to be a tool of complete reliability and success for many B2C, B2B and non profit companies seeking to make the most out of their paid advertising in the shortest amount of time. In addition, PPC poses so little investment and risk that it would be foolish not to give it a try. As a digital marketing agency in Dubai, we’re here to help you realize just that. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll help you kickstart your PPC journey.

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