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Trends within E-commerce in 2023

Mentioned several times in many different blogs, E-commerce is a game changer ever since the pandemic started in the first quarter of 2020. Every day there are millions of retailers moving into the digital space to do online selling. By 2022, the revenue generated through e-commerce sales will grow to $6.54trillion up from $3.53 trillion in 2019.

The E-commerce industry is a game changer. Amongst all of this new growth comes several different trends that will help your business do much better than your competitors in this market

In 2021, all these trends will come about eventually so let’s take a look at these trends to have more awareness on them.

  1. Several new payment options

Did you know that the more payment options you offer, the more preferred you are to your customers.
Think about it, if you go shopping offline and they do not offer your preferred method of payment, you probably wouldn’t purchase from that store.

E-commerce companies need to incorporate digital payment options such as PayPal, apple pay, Samsung pay and google pay.

  1. Mobile Commerce will take over E-commerce

As the e-commerce market becomes one that is trusted worldwide, users will begin making purchases through their mobile devices. As an e-commerce business you should also look at improving the overall experience through mobile websites. Make sure your website user interface on mobiles are smooth, responsive and friendly. Try implementing Accelerated mobile pages for your shoppers who use smartphones. Frequently test your mobile website to ensure it is working at all times.

  1. Visuals within E-commerce will become important

Visuals within E-commerce are not only limited to just imagery on your website, It also expands to features such as color schemes, font style, website feel and overall how the entire store works to entice and involve the buyer. Some ways in which e-commerce websites can improve visuals online are;

  • By creating immersive AR images with 3D technology. Medialinks actually offers this service and it implements 3D technology to help sell products on e-commerce websites, read about it more on our website
  • Create visual shopping ads on Pinterest to help improve traffic on your website and influence sales
  • Improve the quality of your imagery wherever possible
  1. Brands will soon begin to implement Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing allows for retailers to remain competitive in the market, pricing is very important when it comes to making a good amount of sales. It helps to use software to help determine which pricing is best suitable for your products and to price it at point where it can make sales and profit your company at maximum possibility.

  1. AI and AR will improve the user experience

According to research, by 2022, Online sellers will spend $7.3 billion on AI by 2022 and 120,000 stores will begin using AR technologies to offer customers a rich buying experience by 2022.

AR allows to demonstrate your products with ease online and recommend the best products to your customers. Moreover, AI uses information about shoppers past purchases to suggest products more relevant to the customer and help influence purchases. Implementing AI and AR will help your e-commerce store and you will likely see an increase in conversions and a very low return rate.

It pays off for your business to keep in mind all these trends above and to keep an eye out for any new trends. As we are in the first half of the year, it is very likely that new trends are very much around the corner. Do you feel like these trends are very much relevant in the E-commerce market in 2021? What trends do you feel will come around this year.

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