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Three things about YouTube handles you need to know

YouTube is not only a place where creators can upload and comment on videos. The platform is a community as well as home base. This is why YouTube has decided to introduce handles. It is a new way for individuals to simply find and engage with creators as well as each other on YouTube. All channels will get a unique handle, allowing it to be simpler for fans to discover content and interact with creators that they like.

The following tells you three things to know about YouTube handles:


1. Unique YouTube Identifier

When it comes to YouTube handles, they will give a unique identifier for your channel. Presently, many YouTube channels can share a name. When viewers are looking for a certain channel, they are left figuring out which is the correct one in search results.

When looking at handles, handles are unique. There are a bullet-proof identifiers for one’s YouTube channel.

One main difference present between YouTube handles as well as custom channel URLs is that no barrier is present to selecting a handle. Previously, one needed to get at least 100 subscribers prior to being allowed to select a custom URL for your channel.

This is not true when looking at handles. Every user upon the platform is able to get a unique handle like those in the United Arab Emirates or UAE.

An exception is present, supervised users are not able to get a handle. This includes kids under 13 whose YouTube experience gets handled by their parents.

Handles can be seen in the Shorts tab, within search results, as well as in comments. It is even possible to mention and tag other accounts by utilizing their handles.


2. How to get a handle

Handles seem to be rather useful so you will be wondering how do you get one for the channel you have. Presently, YouTube tends to be rolling out handles bit by bit. Billions of users are present on the platform, and allowing everyone to select their handle at one time will be impossible.

Rather YouTube is actually sending out some email notifications to their users when they can select their handle. You will receive a notification in YouTube Studio when your turn arrives.

Popular channels have priority when choosing handles. If you are active on the YouTube, the more subscribers that you have as well as the more engagement that the channel gets, the quicker you can pick a unique handle.

Those who already have some unique URL for your channel, it will automatically become the handle. It is possible to adjust this later on if you wish to.

Everyone has been assigned a handle by November 14. Those who have not selected one, YouTube has based the assigned handle of their channel name in Dubai and across the world.

New users will get prompted to select a YouTube handle when they contribute to the platform the very first time. This can be done by either uploading a video or even commenting on one.


3. How to select a handle

When YouTube notifies you to select a handle, you will proceed to youtube.com/handle to select the handle for your channel.

Guidelines are present to choosing the handle and you should follow them. The limitations include points like the YouTube handles should be between 3 and 30 characters long. They need to have upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, along with underscores, hyphens, plus periods.

It is not possible to choose a handle that appears like URLs or even phone numbers. The handle should follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines as well.

If you own a YouTube channel, you should choose its handle carefully so that your fans can easily find you.


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