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Reliable Ways to Increase Your e-Commerce Store’s Revenue

An element mentioned across several E-commerce blogs is that ecommerce is booming ever since the coming of the pandemic in 2020 and ever since people began to realize the true convenience of online shopping and thus began the rise of ecommerce.

If you have an e-commerce website new or old, you’re probably finding ways to improve your revenue. When it comes to e-commerce, there are different ways to boost revenue within business. In this blog we will discuss which the most reliable ways to increase revenue are.

  1. Money Back Guarantee

Normal to any new customer in your business, they do not know whether they can trust your business and its services. In addition to the lack of trust, they will not be able to sample your products without trying them first so you can encourage them to try your products when they buy it and offer them a guarantee of money back. How does this help you ask? This will help them feel at ease when they are not as satisfied with your products.

There is a catch however, you must make sure that you deliver a product that customers will not want to return. You can do this by selling products that are high quality, proper condition, undamaged through delivery. The more the product meets expectations of the customer the less likely they will use the money back option.

  1. High Quality Images

When it comes to e-commerce, you must remember that your customers can not see or feel the products so you must have images on your website that are of good quality, enough to make your customers feel as if there is not difference between real life and online shopping.

If you want a website that is inviting and capturing, investing in images is the way to do it. Use actual pictures of your products and DO NOT USE STOCK PHOTOS. Angles are also very important, let your customer see every angle possible so they get the most out of the product. This imagery helps your customers get an idea on what they are going to buy and builds excitement.

  1. Target the right market

Targeting the right buyers is very important if you are trying to improve your sales. You need to have a target market in mind do all your marketing efforts will be specific to that segment. Take for example Facebook ads, you can notice that most of their ads are targeted to a very specific audience. You are able to choose your audience based on age, gender, hobbies and even interests, this eliminates any wastage of ad showing and shifts your ads in the right direction.

  1. Mobile Optimization Is KING

For every lazy day you spent in shopping online, there are millions more doing the exact same thing. People are always on their mobile phones browsing social media and thanks to the wonders of technology, shopping!

Your website should firstly be optimized to work on any phone so that it’s easier for everyone to access. Chances are if it isn’t your visitors will leave your website due to inconvenience. Your pages should have faster loading speed and have no room for lagging as well. Think about the last time you waited for a website to load without losing your patience, your customer feels the same way.

In addition, you will want your customers to come back to their carts so they can continue to build into their shopping carts without doing it all at once. Allow them to use a guest account, this allows them to shop with limited time as well eliminating the need to sign up and all that hassle.

Always put yourself in the shoes of your customers, what is it that you would want from an e-commerce website? Once you answer that question you will find things becoming far easier than expected. Looking for the best ecommerce website development company in Dubai? Contact Medialinks, follow the tips above and let us know if they work out for you, if you have any more tips and tricks to share, say hello and let us know!

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