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Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website: Which Is The Better Option?

Both mobile friendly sites and apps are obtained via the use of devices like phones and tablets. A mobile-friendly site includes HTML pages that are optimized to provide users with simplicity of use as they adjust depending on the size of your display or the layout that you are using.

A mobile app, on the other hand, is a downloadable program that is set up in a users mobile apparatus. This may be through platforms such as App Store or Android market. Presently, mobile-friendly sites have gained popularity in their own use over programs. Mobile apps are usually developed for programs such as IOS and Android App development.

Some of the reasons why people are choosing mobile-friendly websites over apps are:

  1. People Don’t Need to download a website Compared to an app

In comparison to Apps, one doesn’t have to download a website or even install it. This removes the need for extra storage space. It doesn’t matter which operating system you are using; a mobile-friendly site will work with any smartphone.

  1. They are less expensive Compared to Programs

Compared to apps, you don’t have to construct unique websites to cater for different devices. Maintenance costs are also very low and SEO is far simpler.

  1. They Raise SEO and brand visibility

A mobile optimized website is better rated in search engine results in contrast to websites which are not optimized. Having a site that ranks well on search engines equates into a company gaining more visibility whilst bringing business to your site.

  1. A mobile-friendly website is easy to update

This really isn’t the same case for Apps that typically have regular updates and newer versions all of the time. With websites, sometimes users do not even know when an update is occurring. It is also a great deal cheaper to upgrade a website compared to a mobile app. This makes it easier for any specific business as the process saves them on cost.

  1. It is easier to reach your Customers

Having a mobile-friendly site means that anybody who’s performing an online search can quickly access your products and services. A search doesn’t need your clients to get the specific URL so as to find it, as long as you are optimized, this gives your customers the chance to locate you. In terms of apps, this is not the same as it takes you to download the app.

  1. It is easier to build credibility with your clients

A mobile-friendly website permits individuals who visit to have a great experience. This sets you apart and you slowly get the confidence of your clients and clients who will see your site as a fantastic place to receive credible information and resources such as products and services that meet their needs.


Developing a mobile-friendly website is extremely significant in an era where two thirds of the population is using devices like smartphones. A mobile-friendly website won’t only enhance your user’s experiences on your site but in addition, it brings traffic to your website. It is also cost-effective in terms of building and maintenance which may save your brand on unnecessary costs. Based upon the brand however as well as to what your short term and long goals are, the funds at hand and your target market it is possible to choose to have both a mobile-friendly website as well as an app.

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