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How Your Website Creates The First Impression?

‘How your website creates the first impression’ for your daily visitors increases or reduces the rate of conversion. Your daily visitors are looking for services or products that solve their problems. Hence, your e-commerce website must be impressive on the first visit.

You probably have heard this quote: “You only get a chance of making the first impression.” This is true irrespective of what you do, and your first impression matters a lot. It gets you the right prospects.

Many e-commerce businesses in Dubai have failed to realize that the first impression is not limited to people, but it also includes websites. Do you sometimes wonder why some e-commerce websites in Dubai attract more customers than others?

What’s the top-secret behind those websites? And why is your website not gaining the needed recognition?

According to the Marketecture article, “You only have about seven seconds to capture a reader’s mind.” It means the reader has less than ten seconds to decide what next to do on your website. So if you are going to increase the conversion rate on your e-commerce website, your website design must give a lasting impression to the foresight visitors.

Although the website design is not everything, it is the first step. I will share five tips to improve the impression on your e-commerce websites.

5 Tips On How To Improve Your Website Impression

Many e-commerce websites in Dubai don’t know if their website creates the first impression on their visitors. But for a few that understands, they do not want to stop impressing their daily visitors. Hence, here are put out five tips to improve your website impression:

  1. A fast-loading website determines how your website creates the first impression on your visitor. Your visitors don’t have a lot of time to spend on your e-commerce website; therefore, design your website to load faster and quicker. It leaves a lasting first impression and sustains prospects. This is very important. Many digital marketing agencies in Dubai want to design an amazing website coloured with graphics. The point is, as the activities become heavy, the page slows down. The heavier and loaded the page, the slower it loads and the lesser it impressed the visitor.
  2. The use of introductory videos helps how your website creates the first impression on the first click. In the teaching and learning process, audio-visual learning helps capture readers’ attention and facilitates adequate It is also applicable in business. People are impatient, and they want to get every information about your business in a second. An introductory video about your business is a smart move to creating the first impression.
  3. Keeping the content relevant throughout the webpage helps how your website creates the first impression. Use relevant images, add testimonials and some case studies. They help to build and instill trust into your prospect
  4. Avoid excessive use of graphics could limit how your website creates the first impression to your prospects. It is vital to create a balance. As much as pictures and videos are important to attract your prospects, please don’t overdo They might get bored or lose interest. Instead, put the needed information.
  5. Publish engaging content regularly to help improve how your website creates the first impression. Content is King. It is the backbone of a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai. A thriving e-commerce website uses engaging content to create impressions. People are always in search of exciting content to engage, therefore, create the content they love to read.

As businesses push further into the online base platform, the competition grows even more. As such, you must always be working to keep your visitors on your page. Also, optimizing a mobile version can better foster prospects’ attraction and help them stay glue on your page.


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