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How to Start an Online Store in UAE 2023?

Restrictions on daily life have been imposed gradually in the UAE since the country’s first confirmed case of the virus at the end of January 2020. Since then, Internet service providers in UAE have stepped up to meet the surge in demand created by large volumes of people working and studying from home due to coronavirus containment measures. As per the report of Datareportal.com the population of UAE is 9.94 million as of January 2021 with 9.84 million internet users.

Hence, internet population stands at 99% as of January 2021 in UAE. A staggering and enticing number for any business who wants to enter the online business. Moreover, the mobile connections as of January 2021 in UAE stand at 171.6 % of the total population.

The above trends indicate the importance for hiring professional web development agency based in UAE and explore sales thru Ecommerce and marketplaces along with having a robust social media performance.

Before you dive into the increasingly potential online business in UAE, you must consider the following:

  1. Decide your Niche.
  2. Have a local trade license issued.
  3. Hire a professional Web Development Agency
  4. Include online payment gateways.
  5. Market your products

Let us look at each one of the points in detail:

  1. Decide your Niche.

For most of the start-ups, this is the most ignored step. While finding the perfect niche should be the most important step of your business and could wind up going through weeks or even months attempting to come up with the right idea.

However, you shouldn’t overthink the exploration cycle, If you don’t strike a healthy balance, you’ll either rush into an unprofitable business that will eat away at your precious resources, or you’ll take too long to get into a business that could have started making you money a long time ago.

  1. Have a local trade license issued.

MENA and UAE is specific have gigantic unopened internet business potential. This area is still at the phase of improvement however requires new companies to follow the local rules by ensuring they are working under a legitimate frame work before they begin offering their services and products to the online users.

Dubai, being the pioneer in anything new, opens its gates to all types of online businesses.. You can sell services, products or anything else which is legal as per the local laws online in UAE.

For example, if you are planning to sell your goods through Amazon, you might need the license with the activity e-commerce as a specific requirement from them.

Hence, once you decide the niche, getting your legal paper work and getting the necessary government approvals is the most important step.

  1. Hire a professional Web Development Agency

It does not make any difference how large or little your organization is, the fact remains that you need a website. If you do not have a website, you are without a doubt going to lose out on a lot of potential. Nonetheless, simply having a site is not sufficient. You will need to have an expertly planned website to guarantee that it’s actually stable, engaging, showcase your services the right way, and easy to understand.

Hence, look out for a professional web development agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in UAE.

  1. Include online payment gateways.

For merchants and owners, a payment gateway enables them to accept and process payments done using credit cards and debit cards. It likewise paves the way for businesses to welcome other available modes of online payment. The expanded payment options make it easier for online business to to cater to different buyer needs and demands.

Efficient payment gateways should possess SSL certificates from authorized institutions. This makes the transaction not only more secure but also helps building users trust on the website.

  1. Market your products and services

Ecommerce Business enables companies the ability to reach more customers than traditional retail reaches. With increasing surge of online purchases, it is indeed the fastest-growing retail market in today’s world.

From SEO to utilizing Facebook or Google advertisements to drive quality traffic, you can mix and match paid campaigns with free marketing tactics with an end goal to create maximum awareness for your new online business. It is also recommended to hire an expert marketing agency who can help you execute the campaigns with more expertise.

In a nutshell

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